Artist painter portraitist photographer, I'm a creative, inspiration is my only boss.
Animals Animals I love animals in general, and like faces I have fun portraying them. Read more Milan from my window These are some of the photos I took along the year from my window and terrace of my house in Milan. I just love to capture special moments. Milan from my windowBlack and white Black and white Sometimes to shape, depth and color photos are much better in black and white, have more effect, convey better the feeling that I’m looking for. Faces “Why do I feel the need, yes the need to paint faces? Because I am, how can you say? Almost hallucinated by faces, and this since always. As an unknown sign, as if there was something to see that you don’t see at first glance... Read more FacesStains Stains Ilaria Berenice is an Italian artist who uses color and loose forms to express herself on paper. Her works keep their wet, fluid feel even though the paint has long been dry... Read more Collage and painting in the wake of recycling The techniques Ilaria Berenice prefers are acrylic gouache and the use of collage with pieces of fabrics, cardboard, copper wires or rhinestones, which become an integral part of the work and acquire a...Read more Collage and painting in the wake of recyclingStructural paintings of women Structural paintings of women This is a series dedicated the feminine within me that is reflected in all the women of the world. They are mainly structural painting made with oil or acrylic and collage of various materials. Read more Decollage and painting I made this series when my friend Doris back in Venezuela left me some panels with lots of photos of magazines stuck on with glue... Read more Decollage and paintingVisionary Visionary Visionary are a series of figurative paintings, inspired by visions, momentary situations, inspirations, intuitions, each one has its own story, or experience. See more Light & Color When I do abstract works there is often the sun, or flower, geometric shapes, rays and a lot of light, is not by reason but by instinct, basic. Read more Light & ColorAnatomy Sketches Anatomy Sketches With anatomy sketches made mostly in the latest years at nude school at Brera in Milan I learned over all to transmute my impatience into my strength: sketches. Read more

Different Expressions

Diverse Espressioni - Galleria d'arte Le Tracce Genova 1

From May 6 until August 31, 2016 takes place the collective exhibition with catalog Different Expressions, at the Art Gallery Le Tracce in via San Bernardo 21 in the center of Genoa, Italy. I Participate with the artist Paolo Amoretti, as Mr & Mrs Bradi, with works made together individually. Opening May 6 h.18.30.

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Wines archetypes 60 x 70 cm

Wine Archetypes

Once someone told me a legend about the origin of wine, born from the nectar Read more

Some stains 50x65cm

Birds and Infinite

Birds and Infinite. Made with some stains. 50 x 65 cm

I am so I exist -artbook

I am so I exist

From my notebook I am so I exist.

Giordano Interior Designvolti nel sole 6


Are currently in exhibition and sale the works by Ilaria Berenice and Paolo Amoretti at Giordano Interior Design in Novi Ligure, Italy, corso Marenco 71/D.

Phone +39 347 250 4477

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Commission a Portrait

For yourself or to give as a gift, with mixed media or a specific technique at your choice. Send me your questions and preferences of size and technique to get a quote. Then your favorite photos of the subject, and as soon as the portrait is finished it will be shipped to you.

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Faces in the sun 100 x 120cm at Giordano Interior Design Novi Ligure

Giordano Interior Design

Are currently in exhibition and sale the works by Ilaria Berenice and Paolo Amoretti at Giordano Interior Design, in Novi Read more

Different Expressions - Le Tracce Art Gallery in Genoa

Different Expressions

From May 6 until August 31, 2016 takes place the colletive exhibition with catalog Different Read more

Fly me to the moon_100100cm_Mr&Mrs Bradi

The Opposites Revealed, exhibition in Genoa

On 11 March at 6 pm inaugurates the exhibition “The Opposites Revealed” by Paolo and Read more


My works represent my artistic and inner evolution. My research is in constant experimentation and is not attached to a particular subject, technique or material. My creativity is in continuous expansion, which occurs both outward and inward, to the expressive research that manifest in a work corresponds an inner search that leads to greater self-knowledge. But most of all the initial input is always the inspiration, my only boss.

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I happened to be at home on Friday when your package arrived, I ripped it open, impatient to find my treasure. Thank you. What an artist you are!! With just a few brush strokes you capture the main features of a face. The more I look at it, the more there seems to be a glow emanating from it - I guess that's the master in me you see. And the picture ready to be hung on the wall!! I found the perfect place for it right away. It is in my office, by my computer. So I see it every day, I look at it to dive into the depths of my mastery and even when absentmindedly noticing, it is present all the time.

Judith_25x32cm_Ilaria Berenice

... I always wanted to go into the pictures that I particularly like ... and the other night, I did it ... Suddenly I was on that train, with a plastic cup in my hand, half-empty bourbon. .. coming out of the compartment, I see that girl cute, watching the scenery rushing too fast, to be able to stop on a tree, or a house ... The strange thing is that her reflection in the glass, was a male. ... She was terrified to look, but still peeks with one eye, wondering what was going on ...

Initially, I blamed the bourbon, I thought I had seeing things .... while the controller came in and went to the car, not caring at all about the strangeness, briskly, as if, with his walk, could help the train arrive before .....

I am sorry that the girl was so busy watching his reflection.... She didn't the least notice me ...... So I decided to get off the train and the picture, and I found myself back in the gallery , obviously not railway gallery ... Framework of Ilaria Berenice Shamiah, my inclusion in the scene,


Reflection 80x120cmGiacomo Grasso nel mio quadro riflessoGiacomo Grasso con dipinto di Ilaria Berenice
Really beautiful, I'm very happy and the more I get used the more I like it, very good, thank you. Big deer 80x100cm Ilaria Berenice

"Why do I feel the need, yes the need to paint faces? Because I am ... how can you say? ... Almost hallucinated by faces, and this since always ... As an unknown sign, as if there was something to see that you don't see at first glance. Why? This face that you seek, that is behind each individual face, isn'it so general as to be abstract? Ah, no! Absolutely the opposite. The more we are ourselves, the more we become anyone ... But we can't become the other if it is not maximally ourselves, don't you think? It gets to the general, if I may say so, only through the most." Ilaria Berenice Shamiah plays perfectly the ideal that Giacometti repeated in almost all of his interviews. Ilaria Berenice Shamiah and her graphic pictorial runs a deep understanding of all human ravines, those that are consumed in the dark passions in unsolved riddles. A going back in that time undated, where opposites coexist. As she says we are mirrors..

Face 59 Ilaria Berenice Shamiah

Great work of yours, I love it, Ilaria! thank you again. Rolf Wild 25x32cm

Your works are good for the soul! You can see people in the soul. Amid a sea of colored emotions I chose a painting, I took away with me what in that meeting was the perfect choice,  it is as to be close to that sweet mystery that you always puts in your works. Your works also convey a message of depth similar to the works of Modigliani. You're amazing! You are great and transmit energy.

Volto_58_20x30cm_ charcoal and acrylic on paper - Berenice

I continue to watch my portraits and every time I see them I like them more and more. Thank youPhotoGrid_1443372380233

My original portrait just arrived and it is SO amazing! I thought that the photo was incredible but the original is just magic.  Thank you so much!Jule Webster portrait by Ilaria Berenice

I put your painting above the sofa in the living room and looks great. It gives the viewer a cosmic sense, the viewer is shown in a spatial-temporal dimension that has a strong archetypal cosmogony call. You can release yourself from the symbol shown and transmute into abstraction that becomes an objective correlative of the deepest natural recall,  intimately recognizable by all. Some of your abstract works recall events of the super nove or similar, you can convey the feeling of this creative power, not communicating the materialistic descriptive scientific side, but you can grasp its essence, keeping intact the symbol, even if detached from symbolic representation, and taken in an exciting and emotional form.Butterfly wing 55x85cm