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Black and white face_ 25 x 33cm_Ilaria Berenice

Sometimes the unknown is scary, but it’s not the unknown that is evil, it’s fear that is. One step beyond there’s no evil nor good, there is only a human being playing in this reality made of duality, a swing of opposites, that can be fun if you don’t get trapped in it. Mysterious, 30 x 40 cm, ink and acrylic on canvas, available. Read more


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Utero 20x27cm_Ilaria Berenice

When I work on the abstract I don’t seek a precise form, I simply follow the flow of things. In this one, someone told me saw a womb and so I gave the title. What I like about this work is the color and light.

Womb, 20 x 27 x 2 cm, mixed media on paper lined on canvas, available. Read more


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Animals 21x30cm by Paolo Amoretti and Ilaria Berenice

This was a small abstract painting made by Amoretti, who asked me an intervention to complete it, and I just pulled out the shapes I saw. Sometimes we like pure informal abstract art, sometimes this is not enough and we need to get out something of it, it’s the artwork that speaks, we just follow the input it gives us.

Animals, 21 x 30 cm, oil on canvas, by Paolo Amoretti and Ilaria Berenice, available Read more

Riflection 80x120cm_Ilaria Berenice

I’ve always been intrigued by the union of the opposites within, or androgyny, reflected in a face, or as in this case in a woman who  is surprised to see her masculine reflected in the window of a train.

Reflection, mixed media on canvas, 80 x 120 cm. Available. Read more