Artist painter portraitist from Italy, I'm a creative, inspiration is my boss, I just love to be me. Portraits on commission.


Here are some poems I wrote along time and space, and beyond, in the no-time of my expression, associated with some paintings. I love synthesis, aphorisms, images that become sounds, words which concentrates of feelings, also the paintings correspond to different periods, anyway, it’s all at the same time. If you would like to have the ebook with all the poems please contact me

I & I

I & I, me and my soul,
there are no rules,
just going with the flow,
feel, receive, and allow.

Happy_Blu_ series_3_20x30cm_Ilaria_Berenice

Happy_Blu_ series_3_20x30cm_Ilaria_Berenice


slow reaches the sea
fresh promise of wellness
sun warms
sand burns
sea shines and waits.

Turtle 40x50cm_oil on wood

Pigeon in the sun

Pigeon in the sun,
city in the nature,
dirty and clean,
smoggy and fresh,
urban comfort,
peace of green,
sunny light,
eternity within time,
infinite horizon above a linear street,
pigeon flying,
and a vision beyond.

I Am

I Am
Of me
I Am
That I Am



Timeless Time

Timeless time
illusions vanishing
veil after reveal
increasing bright light
tuning with the truth.


Quick thrill of a colorful sigh,
vibrating suspension among atoms and breeze,
flowers blowed by the wind,
huge in their density,
among them in a fairy touch,
light the dragonfly

By train

Suffused sunlight
Spreads love
Among houses and meadows
Romantic archaisms
Cross my writings
As the flying of a bird
At the speed of a train
Yet calm inside
Full of contemplation
Chattering and reading
Fleeting expression
Of a time which runs
Yet it is.

Reflection_80x120cm_Ilaria Berenice

Reflection_80x120cm_Ilaria Berenice

Nocturnal beauty

Nocturnal beauty
Stellar regret
Ubiquitous arc
Persuasive view
Reflecting memories
Of bitter tears
Tears that were already
That yet are no more.