Artist painter portraitist from Italy, I'm a creative, inspiration is my boss, I just love to be me. Portraits on commission.

Artworks made with Paolo Amoretti

Before painting I lived for music then this passion moved into painting, what count to me is to express myself following the inspiration no matter the language or technique. And as I loved in music also playing with other musicians so in painting I have fun since year also to do paintings with other artists. The motto for this 4 hands series is  from the start: The total is greater than the sum of its parts. In fact, every artist through his expression unites opposites within, then more artists together create something that is more than the sum of their styles, it is something new, as well as children are much more than the sum of their parents. Here I present a series of works that I’ve done recently with Paolo Amoretti, partner in art and life, with whom I have already done three exhibitions, one of these The Opposites revealed on the subject of androgynous face. The order of names on the title of a work is based on who has put  more his hand on it.

Animals 21x30cm by Paolo Amoretti and Ilaria Berenice
Trasfigurazione 117x167 Ilaria Berenice Paolo Amoretti
Carnival 30x40cm Paolo Amoretti and Ilaria Berenice
Dreams 50x70cm Paolo Amoretti and Ilaria Berenice
Passages_90x100cm_Paolo Amoretti e e Ilaria Berenice
The astronaut 40x50cm Paolo Amoretti and Ilaria Berenice
Elf_35x90cm_Paolo Amoretti and Ilaria Berenice
Popasso_100x150cm_Ilaria Berenice e Paolo Amoretti
El toro rosa 50x60cm 2016 Ilaria Berenice and Paolo Amoretti
Enchanted woods 50x70cm 2017 Ilaria Berenice and Paolo Amoretti
Macchia rossa 35x50cm Paolo Amoretti e Ilaria Berenice
Random projects
New ways 46x55cm Ilaria Berenice
Deborah portrait mixed media Ilaria berenice
Women_50x60xm_Ilaria Berenice