Artist painter portraitist from Italy, I'm a creative, inspiration is my boss, I just love to be me. Portraits on commission.


Here are samples of portraits I made on demand or just because. I like drawing and painting faces and portraits, I like to explore humanity and animals in all their expressions.

Fil rouge of her work is a continuous search for understanding, analyzing and deepening also by virtue of a fundamental anthropological preparation that makes it capable of covering faces that reveal personalities sometimes painful, contorted and suffered and sometimes joyful. A wealthy sample of strange friends who reveal an unforgettable anthropological preparation. Other faces, shouts of humanity, added to those who for years has been grasping everywhere as an expression of the human soul in all its aspects to know others and through them themselves with the pleasure of investigating and discovering infinite worlds .

Wanda Castelnuovo

Commission a portrait. I make portraits with any size and format. Send me some relevant photos of the subject to portray and then the portrait will be shipped to you as soon as finished.

Feel free to get in touch for any information:

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Deborah portrait_mixed media_Ilaria berenice
Deborah portrait_Ilaria Berenice
Bahian woman 70x80cm acryilic and collage on canvas_Berenice
Deborah portrait_Ilaria Berenice
Paco 25x32cm Ilaria Berenice
Rita portrait_ Ilaria Berenice
Dogon woman 70x80cm_mided media and collage on canvas_Berenice
Paco 25x32cm Ilaria Berenice
Cute sad dog_25x33cm_Berenice Shamia
Paolo Amoretti ritratto - Ilaria Berenice Shamiah
Purple dog 50x65cm Ilaria Berenice
Wanda portrait_2016_Ilaria Berenice
Martin portrait_Ilaria Berenice
Happy Dog ink Ilaria Berenice
Maurizio Dal Borgo ritratto _Ilaria Berenice Shamiah
Self portrait with charcoal_ 2016_ Ilaria Berenice
Pastel face on black paper_20x30cm_Ilaria Berenice
Self portrait with oil painting 2006 Ilaria Berenice
Self portrait 2015 Ilaria Berenice
Self Portrait third eye 40x40cm_Ilaria Berenice
Marina friend portrait_Ilaria Berenice
Commissioned portrait_Ilaria Berenice
Tiziano Terzani portrait_ Ilaria Berenice
Ema portrait_Ilaria Berenice
Self portrait child_35x50cm_Ilaria Berenice
Ragazza fulani Mali 35x35cm_Berenice
Luca portrait_Ilaria Berenice
Andrej Mussa portrait- Ilaria Berenice
Himba woman 80x120cm oil and acrylic on wood_Berenice
Jenifer Ransom portrait _Ilaria Berenice 3
Marina friends portrait_Ilaria Berenice
Cosimo portrait 25x32cm 2014
Andrej Mussa portrait- Ilaria Berenice
Jule Webster portrait by Ilaria Berenice
Wanda Castelnuovo portrait_2016_Ilaria Berenice
Francis_Fibrace_25_x_32_cm_ 2013_Ilaria_Berenice
Dog and cat 30x40cm_Ilaria Berenice
Veronica portrait 2012_Ilaria Berenice
Bistro ink portrait Ilaria Berenice
Rolf Wild portrait_Ilaria Berenice
Judith Wirth portrait_Ilaria Berenice
Paco portrait_Ilaria Berenice
Random projects
New ways 46x55cm Ilaria Berenice
Animals 21x30cm_Paolo Amoretti and Ilaria Berenice
Artworks made with Paolo Amoretti
Black and white face_ 25 x 33cm_2017_Ilaria Berenice
Abstract Faces