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A story of integration

1 Blue Transmutation 20x30cm

Sometimes I take objects that are close to my heart and glue them into paintings to make them immortal.  The concretization of immortality is leaving your sign with what you create.

Expressing oneself, from the inside out, means giving oneself to others by sharing one’s story, whether it is represented by a text, an image, a song or a recipe, whatever.

I once spent a few days with various leaders or representatives of various Native American nations in Padua, Italy

At that time I was still fascinated by everything that goes beyond visible reality, and I still am, only now I am aware that everything I was looking for in reality is already within me, and the external reality is only  a reflection.

So I was attracted to anything that brought me closer to greater awareness and greater expansion of consciousness, basically I was looking for myself.

When I lived in Milan I had attended a first level reiki course with a Swiss woman, Aline, who was a real character, a woman with a strong and charismatic personality.  She told me that she had done an experiment in the United States bringing an entire university classroom full of people into the future.  That was then confirmed to me years later by a Frenchman whose book I had read and went to  his event on reincarnation in Milan.  Speaking later with him, I don’t know how Aline’s name came up in the conversation, but he confirmed that he himself had participated in that experiment in the United States.

Aline during the time I met her,  had managed to bring representatives of various Native American nations to Italy, including Cherokee, Cheyenne, Creek, Iroquois, Lakota, Mohawck, Seneca, Yaki, and others.  And a group of elderly women called the great mothers including Twylah Nitsch.

The purpose was a tour of events in Italy and around Europe that served to honor their dead in World War II, and to bring a message of peace, and on a deeper level they wanted to find the ancient souls of the natives.

I was a bit out of the whole organization of the event, but instinctively I felt the need to take the train from Milan to go and meet these people who had just arrived in Italy and were waiting for the tour in a house in Padua and in the end I stayed there for quite a few days.

In the meanwhile the event was canceled because Aline presented herself to the media dressed as a Native American, with the name White Eagle and as the spokesperson of the  great mothers, when she was actually in appearance and in fact a big white Swiss woman.

The National television thus began to talk about scam showing Aline dressed as a native,  she ended up fleeing to Switzerland, and I never saw her again.

In the meantime I was having a wonderful experience with real natives in Padua before they returned to the United States.

The Canadian representative, of what we call Eskimos, was a big young woman with long black hair and long eyes, and she taught me to do various things including a dream catcher, a buckskin handbag and gave me this  brooch made by her.  Which I glued in this painting. She said I was a turtle, don’t know if because I have slow reflexes, but I think it’s more symbolic.

A native of Texas, I honestly didn’t ask much who represented which nation, I was more immersed in the experience than gathering knowledge, he sang native songs to me accompanied by his assistant.

When they were all together they told a lot of stories and often passed these kinds of cigarettes made of herbs that they had brought, including sage and tobacco.  The first time they passed me one, instinctively I took a puff and watched them all laughing out loud, then they showed me that they were used to purify the aura around the body and the environment.

The atmosphere was very positive, fun and creative, I felt at home.

And then these very old women , the great mothers, came from another house, to whom I gave each one a handbag made by me in crochet, on each one I had sewn a different symbol, and they were all very happy.

Native Americans are big huggers. In cultures where hug is not usual it can be interpreted in an ambiguous way. Instead, these people hug often and in a unconditional way.  There is no possibility of misinterpreting this gesture. I have found similar huggers only in Shaumbra.

I felt like I had found a part of me, and I didn’t have to go far to find it.  Actually this part had come to me to integrate. Everything comes to itself at the right time.


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