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My artistic poetry is a reflection of my lifestyle imbued with constantly evolving creativity. My art represents the depth of the human experience in all its infinite facets and the world as I perceive it. I am inspired by the many nuances of the human soul, as well as by the beauty of the nature that surrounds me. My distinctive trait manifests itself also in the attention to the expression of the faces of people and animals. I believe that every brushstroke, every line drawn and every color chosen should help communicate the essence of my subject. Every work of art I create is an opportunity for me to convey emotions, feelings and sensations.
Creativity pushes me to constantly look for new ways to express my inner world and my visions of the external world. My poetics is an ever-evolving journey, a journey of discovery and connection with my deepest self and with others.

My Story

My artistic journey has crossed different passions and places over the years. Initially, I began my studies in anthropology and a passion for music which then transformed into a deep passion for painting. I lived for four years in Spain, and then continued for another three years in Brazil, where I began to self-taught painting starting from crochet works that I learned there and then commissioned, with the remains of which I made collages together with others recycled materials. Over time I have expanded my artistic repertoire, exploring both figuration and abstraction, and using portraiture as sources of inspiration and expression. Upon my return to Italy, I had the opportunity to exhibit my works in various galleries, foundations and castles, as well as collaborate with other artists. During this period, I attended art schools such as Brera and the Castle school in Milan, further deepening my techniques. In 2022, together with the artist Paolo Amoretti, I co-founded the Arte e Cucina aps association. With this association, we organized two exhibitions at the Gavi Fort, in collaboration with the Piedmont Regional Museums Directorate and the Gavi Fort Management. I also created a podcast where I interview characters to hear and share their stories.

Collective exhibitions

  • 2023 Collective painting exhibition at the Santa Croce Museum, Bosco Marengo, AL
  • 2023 Collective photographic exhibition at the Santa Croce Museum, Bosco Marengo, AL
  • 2023 Collective photographic exhibition “The Metaphysics of Black and White” at the Forte di Gavi, AL,
    organized by Arte and Cuisine aps in collaboration with the Regional Museums Piedmont, Directorate the Management of the Gavi Fort, the patronage of the Province of Alessandria and the Municipalities
    of Gavi and Serravalle Scrivia, AL.
  • 2023 permanent exhibition at Capriccio Art Hotel, Serravalle Scrivia, AL
  • 2016 Collective exhibition Diverse Espressioni with catalog at the Le Tracce Art Gallery in Genoa
  • 2016 collective exhibition of sculptures with Basa Menti catalog at the Municipality of Milan with the artistic direction of CityArt. My sculpture remained permanently at the headquarters of the municipality of Milan.
  • 2015 Collective Milan Expo 2015 International Contemporary Art at the Enel headquarters in Trezzo d’Adda, Milan
  • 2011 collective Villa Paradiso Brugherio (MI)
  • 2009 Collective – ArchiGallery – Milan, curator Giusy Sezana
  • 2009 Contemporary art auction for the “Vit’arte” Triennial of Contemporary Art event, Curator Gian Ruggero Manzoni, Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Faenza
  • 2009 Pinacoteca d’Arte Contemporanea di Gaeta (LT), “Ambientarte” collective exhibition. The finissage was included in the “Globo Eco-med” Yacht Med Festival organized by the Chamber of Commerce of
  • 2008 Villa Truffini of Tradate collective with the patronage of the Municipality of Tradate (MI), Curator Giusy Sezana
  • 2007 Collective exhibition at the Olrado da Ponte Gallery, Lodi (MI)
  • 2007 Sekanina Gallery, Ferrara, Collective “..And He created the woman” Curator Giusy Sezana
  • 2006 Collective exhibition – 9Cento Gallery – Rovato (BS)
  • 2000 Living Colors collective exhibition in Milan

Personal exhibitions

  • 2022: bipersonal “Anime in abstraction” exhibition together with Paolo Amoretti, at the Forte di Gavi, AL, organized by Arte and Cuisine aps in collaboration with the Piedmont Regional Museums Directorate, the Directorate of the Gavi Fort, the patronage of Gavi Municipality
  • 2016 Bipersonal exhibition with Paolo Amoretti at Giordano Arredamenti in Novi Ligure (AL)
  • 2016 bipersonal Exhibition Gli Opposti Rivelati with Paolo Amoretti at the Le Tracce art gallery in Genoa
  • 2014 Personal exhibition at the CityArt Gallery, Milan
  • 2014 solo show at Cantina di Manuela, Milan
  • 2013 personal exhibition at Castel Brando, in Veneto,
  • 2012 solo exhibition Altrospazio Bollate (MI) “Let’s make art, the extra-faces of Ilaria Berenice”
  • 2011 live painting performance on Sky Uno television channel, in a broadcast hosted by Natasha Stefanenko
  • 2010 live painting performance “The Magic of the Rainbow. Sounds and Visions of a colourful world ” Arsitalica Gallery, Milan
  • 2010 live painting performance at the municipal theater of Cassinetta di Lugagnano (MI)
  • 2010 personal Cascina Gabrina in the woods of Vanzago (MI) WWF nature reserve, for “Oasis Days”
  • 2009 live painting performance for the event “The night is young” in Somma Lombardo (VA) Curator of the Fifth Level Association
  • 2009 solo exhibition “Brividi di Luce”, Morris & Casini Foundation, Rome, Curator Alessandra Telesca
  • 2009 live painting performance during the event “Frequenze Urbane. Woodstock After Party ” Curator of the Fifth Level Association, Triennale Bovisa Milan
  • 2009 bipersonal exhibition with Simone Galimberti, Chie Art Gallery Milan, curator Giusy Sezana.
  • 2008 guest on Radio Lupo Solitario for an art broadcast managed by the fifth level association
  • 2001 and 2002 solo exhibition Le Trottoir Milan


Catalogo mostra Anime in Astrazione al Forte di Gavi, AL
Catalogo Astapassion di Basezero
Women of Mali Forum
Manual Knowing that you have rights SDL interbranch,Rome 2010
Le Tracce gallery. catalogo
Francesco tufano Beyond any reasonable doubt illustrated by Ilaria Berenice 2008
Eva minguet Camara Ilustraciòn de vanguardia Monsa Editor Barcelona Spain 2008
Catalogue Auction of Contemporary Art and Exhibition Palace of Faenza curated by Gian Ruggero manzoni
Catalogo di Basezero
Catalogo Astalife di Basezero
catalogo asta Picenum n.5
Catalogo asta n 57 di ArtInterni
Catalogo Asta ArteModerna
Catalog Wine in frame exibhition Albavilla Como Italy 2006
Brividi di Luce Morris Casini Foundation Rome 2009
Ambientarte Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art Gaeta Italy 2009


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