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Ilaria Berenice febbraio 2018


For me, Art is a lifestyle, full of creativity. My works represent my artistic and inner evolution. My artistic research is in perennial experimentation and is not attached to a particular subject, technique or material. My creativity is in a continuous expansion, which takes place both outwards and inwards, the expressive search that manifests in a work corresponds to an inner search that leads to a greater knowledge of myself. But most of all the initial input is always inspiration, my only boss.
I started painting in Brazil, where I lived for a few years and my creativity naturally shifted from music to painting. Starting to make crochet works I then began creating collages and to which I later added painting. For many years I have used the face and portraiture as one of the main sources of inspiration and expression, in addition to pure abstraction. Recently I am also delighted with digital art. Creativity gives me joy.


My name is Berenice, after studying anthropology in Siena and a few years dedicated to music, I started painting as a self-taught. Now I live in Serravalle Scrivia on the hills of the Gavi wine area.
My beginnings as a painter were characterized by the spontaneous creation of 2d and 3d collages, simultaneously with the crochet works, which I learned in Brazil by observing the elderly women of the village where I lived and which I revisited by creating works that resulted in eclectic three-dimensional compositions.
In Brazil I also worked at the Totonho art gallery, frequented by the major artists of the Pelourinho, the historic district of Salvador de Bahia.
When I returned to Italy, did several exhibitions, in bistros, art galleries, foundations and castles. In the meantime, I broadened my artistic horizons by collaborating with other artists and attending art schools, such as the Castello and Brera schools.
I have done many works on commission or on request such as the drawing entitled “Piazza Fontana” which was published on the Milanese calendar of 2007 called “El calendari milanès”.
In 2008 I illustrated the autobiographical book “Beyond any reasonable doubt” written by Francesco Tufano, President of the European Railway Workers’ Association, and published by the CSA publishing house.
Also in 2008, the writer and critic Eva Minguet Càmara dedicated various pages to my works in her book “Ilustraciòn de vanguardia” published by the Monsa publishing house in Barcelona.
The Morris & Casini Foundation of Rome dedicated a large personal exhibition to my abstract works entitled “Shivers of Light” which lasted 3 months.
From December 2009 until March 7, 2010, the “Ambientarte” exhibition took place at the Pinacoteca d’Arte Contemporanea in Gaeta with some of my works made with recycled material. It ended with an event entitled “Globo Eco-med” as part of the Yatch Med Festival organized by the Latina Chamber of Commerce.
And so on, below is the list of all exhibitions and publications.
Among my clients I can include the Italian designer Gabriella Crespi and her family, and the Canadian actor Roy Dupuis.


2016 Exhibition with Paolo Amoretti at Giordano Interior Design in Novi Ligure (AL) Italy
2016 Collective exhibition Diverse Espressioni at Le Tracce Art Gallery in Genoa
2016 Collective sculptures exhibition with catalog Basa Menti at the Council of Zone 2 of the City of MilanMy sculpture remained permanently at the headquarters of the Municipality of Milan.
2016 Exhibition “The Opposites Revealed” with Paolo Amoretti at Le Tracce Art Gallery in Genoa
2014 Solo exhibition at CityArt Gallery, Milan Italy,
2014 Solo exhibition at La Cantina di Manuela, Milan Italy
2013 Solo exhibition at Castle Brando, Veneto Italy.
2012 Solo exhibition Altrospazio Bollate (MI) “Let’s Art. The Stra-faces of Ilaria Berenice.
2011 performance of live painting at Sky One TV Channel, in a broadcast led by Natasha Stefanenko
2011 collective exhibition Villa Paradiso Brugherio (Mi)
2010 performance of live painting at the main Theater of the City of Cassinetta Lugagnano (MI)
2010 Solo exhibition, Cascina Gabrina in the WWF natural reserve forest of Vanzago (Mi), for the “Days of the Oases”
2010 performance of live painting “The Magic of the Rainbow. Sounds and Visions of a colorful world”, Arsitalica Gallery, Milan
2009 Collective – ArchiGallery – Milan, curator Giusy Sezana
2009 Performance of live painting for the event “The night is young” in Somma Lombardo (VA) Curator Fifth Level association
2009 solo exhibition “Shivers of Light”, Morris & Casini Foundation, Rome, Curator Alessandra Telesca
2009 performance of live painting during the event “Urban frequencies. Woodstock After Party ” Curator Fifth Level association , Bovisa Triennale Milan
2009 collective with Simone Galimberti, Chie Gallery in Milan, curator Giusy Sezana.
2009 Auction of Contemporary Art “Vit’arte” Triennale of Contemporary Art, Curator Gian Ruggero Manzoni, Exhibition Palace of Faenza, Italy
2009 Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art of Gaeta (LT), Collective “Ambientarte” The closing day was included in the “Globe Eco-med” Yacht Med Festival organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Latina, Italy.
2008 Villa Truffini Tradate Collective under the patronage of the City of Tradate (MI), Curator Giusy Sezana.
2007 Collective at Gallery Olrado da Ponte, Lodi (Mi)
2007 Sekanina Gallery, Ferrara, Collective “..And Created the Woman” Curator Giusy Sezana
2006 Collettive exhibition – Gallery 9Cento – Rovato (BS)
2001 – 2002 Solo exhibition Le Trottoir Milan
2000 Collective Exhibition at Living Colors Milan


  • Catalog Auction Picenum Cingoli (MC) 2017
  • Catalog auction Astapassion Basezero Saronno (MI) 2017
  • Catalogue Auction 57 Artinterni, Brescia 2017
  • Catalogue auction Astalife by Basezero, Saronno (MI) 2016
  • Catalog Diverse Espressioni Le Tracce Art gallery, Genoa Italy, 2016
  • Catalog Basamenti CityArt and Municipality of Milan, 2016
  • The Dublin Foundation Front Lines Defenders which supports human rights defenders around the world published my work on the poster for their event for women’s rights in Mali, 2015
  • Manual Sapere di avere diritti SDL intercategoriale, Rome, 2010
  • Catalog Vit’Arte Contemporary Art Auction, Faenza Italy, 2009
  • Catalog Ambientarte Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art, Gaeta Italy, 2009
  • Catalog Brividi di Luce Morris Casini Foundation, Rome, 2009
  • Book Al di là di ogni ragionevole dubbio by Francesco Tufano, Csa ed., Bari Italy 2009
  • Book Ilustraciòn de vanguardia by Eva Minguet Càmara, ed. Monsa, Barcellona Spain, 2008
  • Catalog Vino in Cornice Comune di Albavilla (Como, Italy), 2006