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Art battle in Genoa

Live painting. Arte battle Genoa - Sold
The winner Enzo Dente
The painting I made in the final round
Painting with the mirror
Arte battle Genoa

On April 18th I was invited to participate in the Art Battle at La Claque, the Teatro della Tosse in Genoa.  Art Battle is the largest tournament in the world of live competitive painting, born in Canada 15 years ago. In this event 12 painters create a work on canvas using only acrylic paints in three 20-minute shifts painting live. I passed the first round together with Vincenzo Marino, going to the final round, and then the winner of the battle Enzo Dente bought the first painting I did at the event , in short, satisfied! And above all very happy because the artistic spirit of the participants has far surpassed the competitive one. Photo by Paolo Amoretti. The following painting is the one I did in the final round, is still available in Genoa, to have it contact Cris Sanfelice.