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Beyond appearances

    Why I draw, paint and photograph faces, for many reasons, first of all because faces express the interiority of people, and I love people, in small doses. I’m fascinated by diversity, whether it’s due to culture, country of origin, age or social background.

    However, what fascinates me the most is what lies beyond physical appearances: the very essence of the person. For this very often my faces are abstract, to represent something that goes beyond physicality. So it doesn’t matter if a face changes, is transfigured or dissolves like air in fog, every human face hides something infinite and immortal, call it soul or whatever, any definition would be limiting. 

    The human being in his mortality and rational limitation wants to define what he cannot understand but it is always a mission impossible, unless he or she is connected with that deepest part of him, or her. Many people try at all costs to appear more than to be, and so with my expression I seek the opposite, what does not appear but is, through transfiguration.

    With faces I go to search in all the nooks and crannies of the human condition, and I want to express all the aspects, whether they are temporary like emotions and feelings, or immortal like the very essence of each person and of her true Self.

    Abstract Transcendence 25x33cm

    This is an abstract painting representing a stylized face, made with the use of black and yellow, an unusual combination of colors. Black is used to outline the contours of the face and its features, while yellow creates shades and plays of light. The combination of black and yellow creates a strong and dynamic contrast.

    The face appears transfigured, with features that do not follow a realistic proportion, but which nonetheless convey a personality, a pervasive feeling that goes beyond physical appearance.

    In fact, despite its non-reality, the face exudes a feeling of depth and intimacy.

    Avalaible on Saatchi Art

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