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Beyond duality

Memento Audere semper 100x100cm Ilaria Berenice e Pablo Echaurren

Do you know that fear of the dark that children often have? Here I have had it until adulthood. And it is only when I discovered that in a past life I had been walled up alive that I was able to release this fear.

There is no need to know past lives, because very often they are just a distraction, especially when it comes to past lives with important roles, which would only serve the ego to play around in an identity that no longer serves one’s personal evolution and expansion of one’s consciousness.

But in some cases the awareness of a past life comes to serve just like a candle that is lit in the dark. Shining one’s light first of all towards oneself is not an abstract concept from lightworkers who feel they have a role without even knowing what it means, but it is a very concrete concept in terms of inner expansion.

A strange thing happened to me, I went to a bar in my area to get a cappuccino and I went to the bathroom. I closed the door which was without a key, and then when I had to go out I couldn’t open it anymore, which made me very anxious and I kept knocking until someone heard me and opened it. I don’t even want to imagine what they thought as the maid tried to lock herself in the bathroom and then reopened the door very easily.

But I know that it was my own energy that created this situation because I probably still had residues of that ancient trauma that in this way I was finally able to let go.

Shining my light first of all towards myself, that’s the point, and there is no light without darkness and vice versa, so the master within is both, beyond duality.

Ho creato questo dipinto, 100x100cm, insieme all’artista Pablo Echaurren

I created this painting, 100x100cm, together with the artist Pablo Echaurren.



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