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Bird painted card

Together with lions and elephants, birds are among the animals I have most painted.  Each animal is a symbol and its interpretation is always personal, a reflection of what is perceived, reality is therefore a perception that acts as a mirror.

 Birds are an expression of freedom.  Freedom that goes towards the center and from the inside out.

 On an inner level, birds represent the holy spirit, but everyone has his own, without priests to act as an intermediary, the holy spirit is your own soul, an expression of your own inner divinity.  Why look for a God on the outside when everything is already within yourself.  Atheism combined with mysticism is the best solution for me, but even better without any ism.

 A little story, in Thailand after the quarantine, I finally felt free after being locked up for 10 days in a hotel, I had rented an apartment in a small residence with a private beach, deserted due to the pandemic and finally I was bathing in the ocean and slept so well.  The first day I woke up in the middle of the night and found next to me a perfectly folded kitchen paper in the shape of a bird with outstretched wings, sleepily I checked that no one had entered the apartment which was literally impossible, so went back to sleep thinking I was still dreaming.  And in the morning it was still there beside me with his wings spread as an expression of freedom.  And so I felt, finally free.

 Birds like to be with kindred spirits, in flocks and sometimes in pairs, while the eagle sees far away, because it does not fly in flocks.

 Birds fly through the chaos without worrying about it.

Birds with their natural rhythms live beyond time, because linear time is not natural.

 Birds can remain suspended in time. Time in suspension is the cancellation of space, just as they use light through speed to go beyond space and travel between dimensions, thus breaking the laws of physics.

 Birds play with the winds and stormy seas.

 Birds harmonize the sounds of nature and make them melodic.

I’m renovating all my bird paintings, and have started a new Patreon campaign for a limited time, so I’m sending all Patreon supporters a painted postcard, with a note and signature on the back.


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