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Blue Transmutation series

24 Blue transmutation 20x30cm

Transmutation is an alchemical passage from one state to another.

Transmutation can be symbolic.  Sometimes I take insignificant objects and glue them on the paintings to enhance them or to give them a meaning.  Other times I integrate objects that have a value to me in the paintings, like a piece of crochet work, which is a piece of my history.  It is a memory that when integrated into a painting becomes present, a feeling, colors, an expression that comes to life in the act of existing.  Transmutation of time.

In the end, everything revolves around the present, an artwork is the set of memories, the present moment and potential futures, it is all that I am .

Transmutation of space and the concept of work.  I make more works at the same time, while I wait for one to dry, I work on another, and then another, this allows me to work on multiple levels.  

Even if the word work sounds strange, because often people work for money, while I express myself first of all because it gives me joy, and then if someone buys what I create I am very happy.

Transmutation of shapes. Sometimes when creating shapes, others come out, so I can choose whether to define them or leave room for imagination, the last option is  for me always more elegant. The shapes are between the symbolic, the abstract and the cosmic, what is the universe if not the sparkling and teeming vibration of my energy, and of course everyone reflects himself in its own universe.

So this is a natural continuation of the Collage and Painting series but in a more specific way.  These works have in common the blue background and the 20x30cm format and they don’t have a specific date because I often start the works and leave them there, then I return and renew them. No time. Aetherna .


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