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Realization, that is, realizing I am already realized.  Check ☑️
In other words, I speak of consciousness, which is eternal and infinite.

While my human part is still entangled in the space-time dimension, with its related issues .

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Sovereign Lion 80x100cm

I recently returned to this painting, still working on the face and particularly the eyes to improve the look. The result is that the lion is even more impressive, giving that effect of sovereignty that the lion represents for me.

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Light from inside 50x70cm

My Story through painting.

The paintings of the Light and Color series are a natural continuation of the Collage and Painting series. They are abstract paintings but with only painting and without collage, they are centered on light and its emanation, metaphorically represented by the sun and its rays, something that always came to me instinctively. All colors are light, if one thinks of light only comes to mind the white color, in reality each color is light but with a different vibration.

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Elephant 50x70cm

Here I present another series of animals that I have painted over the years, the elephants. The elephant can represent abundance, but also unconditional love and inner peace, painting or drawing an elephant connects me to these qualities and beyond, in this way even those who observe the paintings connect with those qualities. In any case, even the elephant is much more than what can be rationalized.

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Solitude 50x60cm

If you read the previous articles about my story through painting you can see that every part is a different story in itself, as each story is the resolution and the integration of different aspects. I’m not singular, I’m not just one thing, but the union of many, the integration of many aspects as big is the world and beyond. My grandmother used to tell me, that I am difficult to define because I am many things, and I think we are all, only that many people manage to focus on just one thing so as to identify with it.

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