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Realization, that is, realizing I am already realized.  Check ☑️
In other words, I speak of consciousness, which is eternal and infinite.

While my human part is still entangled in the space-time dimension, with its related issues .

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Sovereign Lion 80x100cm

I recently returned to this painting, still working on the face and particularly the eyes to improve the look. The result is that the lion is even more impressive, giving that effect of sovereignty that the lion represents for me.

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Bull 40 x 50 cm

There was a period that I was very focused on details. Also on a very clean painting, which would gave me a feeling of reality, or at least as I perceived it, with intense colors. This way of painting gave me a lot of peace and tranquility. In this painting in addition to oil painting I also added sand. Mixing oil paint with sand makes the painting more matheric and added even more work to the painting, which I needed a lot at that time, in the years from 2005 onwards, being anxious, this work forced me to focus on details and the technique that I had created, and besides giving me peace it made me estrange and forget the world.

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I must say that despite the initial rebellion and frustration of not feeling free to act, this quarantine is stimulating my creativity and now the idea that it ends creates a little anguish, as much as it created anguish at the beginning when it seemed a limitation of my freedom, also because I had planned a travel for a long time that clearly I could not do. Eventually, not being able to carry out my activity as a B&B, , Arte and Cuisine, which lately took up all my time and energy, now I can finally dedicate myself to everything that in recent times I have not been able to do more than rarely, especially painting. But not only  painting, I am constantly stimulated to do different and new things, like I have decided to integrate all my writings and I am writing a book on my story. Then I cook and I garden.

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Painted furniture
Painted furniture
Painted furniture

Following an inspiration, I decided to paint a piece of furniture which before I didn’t like, it was very dark, it made the room where it was, old and gloomy, in short, those old-fashioned furniture, moreover without much value.
So I decided to give it a value by painting it, to refresh, renew and contemporaryize the room. And I must say that I like the result. On the other hand, I live at Arte and Cuisine, which is also our bed and breakfast, home restaurant and personal art gallery, here we have no limits to our creativity. Come and visit us!

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Couple Portrait 35x50cm - Sold

This is the latest portrait I made on commission, of a couple this time. What I immediately liked about this work, already in the first strokes, is the composition. I like a work when it comes off well immediately. It preserves intact its spontaneity and freshness. If I’m working hard to get it right … Well it’s different, that’s all. 35 x 50 cm Sold Read more

Donna Baiana 70 x 80 cm
Transavatar 100x100cm
Webforum rights of Women of Mali

These are exemples from a series of materic portraits of women started in 2007, parallel to other kind of paintings, in which I deepened my study of portrait on big canvas, using mainly collage, oil or acrylic painting, and in general mixed media. With this series I want to value the femininity in me reflected in all the women of the world. Read more

Human and Angel 50x70cm

Here some works from the Decollage and Painting series. To me decollage and painting is a sort of alchemical process, in which occurs the creation and then destruction and again the reconstruction and so on, until I can find the perfect balance. In this creative process shapes and figures come out unexpectedly and totally random, while I let go of control and allow the work to be created through me. Read more

Wild budgie - Sold

When I was a little girl once came in a little parrot from the window, it stayed with us in the house for a period, months and then came out again. Then when I was living in Brazil, walking on the beach, came out flying a flock of these wild green and blue wild parrots. It was magnificent. This I did with the spatula. Sold. Read more

portrait 25x33cm

Most of my portraits are made with mixed media and colors. I put all the tools and colors I feel connected to on the table, brushes and spatulas, liquid and dense colors, crayons and pencils, charcoals and inks, just as a musician has all the notes available to be able to follow the instinct and harmony. Normally when I portray a person, ie for commission, I make more than one so I let people choose the one they like the most. Even if normally they like all of them, there is always one that best reflects the soul of the person, the others I keep for me, to exhibit or to sell. Read more