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Children of the new earth

    When you learn to manage your energy, including sexual energy, your relationships with others change radically. Clarity about all the psychological mechanisms that govern our lives makes us more protected and allows us to solve problems. As someone said, “the truth will set you free”, and that’s right, but this is not about religion, but about awareness of communication with ourselves, others and the surrounding world.

    Once clarity is acquired, there are no more unnecessary games, manipulations, energy losses. Relationships take place in a healthy way, with healthy selfishness, and also altruism with clear boundaries: we can give, but not allow others to feed on our energy. It all comes back to ourselves and any problem in our life has to be resolved within ourselves. In any case, breathing is magical, it resolves emotions, resolves thoughts like a gigantic brush that cleans the sky from the clouds and only that brilliant celestial remains, which gives joy just by looking at it.

    When we have clarity, we hardly let others influence or lower our self-esteem. If it does, only healthy solitude can heal us and bring us back to our true selves and greatness. This is not a delusion of omnipotence, since the power that everyone has is only over themselves. Even if you try to exert power over others, the boomerang always hurts. Recognizing your own greatness is good for yourself and, consequently, for others as well. On the other hand, when you are close to a person who feels like a victim it is very heavy, it seems to take away your energy and bring you down.

    If I have to attribute responsibility for the overwhelming amount of victimhood and related abuse of power in the world, I think it is religion, especially the Catholic religion, which over the centuries has instilled a sense of guilt and shame about the sins and continues to make people feel small, depriving them of self-esteem. In the past, this was done to control people, but today people are waking up and rediscovering their inner world, they are discovering that the real strength to change things is within themselves and not thanks to an old bearded man who judges everyone beyond the clouds.

    I think that the new generations are increasingly free from these conditionings and that today’s adults have done a lot of work on themselves to arrive at some clarity. We have paved the way for the new generation, the children of the new earth.

    Imagine… all the people, livin’ life in peace

    And I conclude with lalalala

    Children of the new earth 100x150cm

    This painting from the Visionaries series measures 100 x 150 cm and is available on Saatchi Art:

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