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Collage and Painting

The meaning of existence

The “Collage and Painting” series is a unique expression that originated from my activity in visual art in Brazil, where I started creating collages with fabrics and small objects, then evolved by combining oil paints with the collage of materials such as fabric, cardboard, copper wire or rhinestones, which become an integral part of the work and acquire a personal value. My pictorial activity began thanks to the manual learning of the art of crochet work from the elderly women of the village where I lived. My style at that time was dictated by the pure need to create and the scarce availability of materials, rather than by cultural references. My research through the symbol is that of the meaning of existence. The series is still in the process of evolution and expansion.

Other projects

The legend 93x72cm
Ilaria Berenice

“Art is Life and Life is Art”