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The confessional

    Why over the centuries people have felt the need to confess, out of guilt, the sense of having done something wrong. But who determines what is right is wrong which leads people to feel guilty, religion of course.

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    Children of the new earth - 100x150cm

    Children of the new earth

      When you learn to manage your energy, including sexual energy, your relationships with others change radically. Clarity about all the psychological mechanisms that govern our lives makes us more protected and allows us to solve problems. As someone said, “the truth will set you free”, and that’s right, but this is not about religion, but about awareness of communication with ourselves, others and the surrounding world.

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      The expansion of the soul 34 x56 cm

      The expansion of the soul

      This painting has a rose in the center, three-dimensional thanks to the petals I made with fabric that come out of the painting. The Rose is immersed in flows of energy that come from the sun and which in turn emanates towards the surrounding environment. The Rose in this painting is a symbol of life, vitality and beauty.

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      Beyond appearances

        Why I draw, paint and photograph faces, for many reasons, first of all because faces express the interiority of people, and I love people, in small doses. I’m fascinated by diversity, whether it’s due to culture, country of origin, age or social background.

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        Dog and Face 25x33cm

        The Genius of Art 

          In abstraction you never know how things come out, unless you want total control of them, it is a bit like looking at the clouds and watching the shapes. Painting is a means of bringing out those forms, and canvas, wood or any medium replaces the clouds.

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          Nude sketch in yellow

          The value of Art

            The value of art does not end with the material used or the aesthetic beauty of the work, but lies in its ability to communicate a universal and impalpable message that goes beyond the simple visual aspect.

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              This is the last painting I made in Brazil and which I brought with me to Italy. I’ve recently revamped the framework, going back to working on it for the exhibition Souls in Abstraction at the Fort of Gavi. 

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