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I must say that despite the initial rebellion and frustration of not feeling free to act, this quarantine is stimulating my creativity and now the idea that it ends creates a little anguish, as much as it created anguish at the beginning when it seemed a limitation of my freedom, also because I had planned a travel for a long time that clearly I could not do. Eventually, not being able to carry out my activity as a B&B, , Arte and Cuisine, which lately took up all my time and energy, now I can finally dedicate myself to everything that in recent times I have not been able to do more than rarely, especially painting. But not only  painting, I am constantly stimulated to do different and new things, like I have decided to integrate all my writings and I am writing a book on my story. Then I cook and I garden.

However, this “Dreams” 90x100cm is the last painting I dedicated myself to, on a material basis made by Paolo Amoretti. I entitled it Dreams as there is a face in the night, with one eye awake and one turned off, and it is as if his life is projected on several imaginary planes, as if they were other dimensions.