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Energy and Consciousness

    Everything you care for grows, and what you create takes on a life of its own, two important concepts that underlie the understanding of how the relationship between energy and consciousness works.

    According to quantum physics, a discipline fortunately increasingly accepted in both scientific and mass consciousness, so much so that one of its exponents received a Nobel prize, particles change their behavior depending on the observer’s consciousness. When we give attention to something or someone we transmit energy to it, for this very often certain situations or people do not deserve our attention, while others need it very much, in these cases the discernment comes from our personal sensitivity and consciousness.

    Gardening, of which my passion has recently returned, a passion that I had neglected in recent years as my little terminator or puppy dog destroyed all my plants, in addition to my wardrobe, cushions, carpets, etc. etc., claiming the attention all for itself.

    Now that he has grown up and is a little calmer, I can finally go back to dedicating myself to gardening and making my environment a little paradise.

    Like art, gardening also teaches you how to live, making you understand how energy works through nature, and how everything you give love and attention to, grows immeasurably.

    The other important concept is that everything you create acquires its own life, this clearly happens with your own artistic creations or  expressions but also with everything else.

    A clear example is the association that I created together with my partner Paolo Amoretti, Arte and Cuisine, which is as if it had become an entity in its own right, like a child who takes his own path, and as with gardening we take care of it for make it grow as best as possible. The association started in 2022 with an art event in a museum, another in 2023 in the same museum and in 2024 it will have two contemporary art events in two different museums, and the association continues to grow almost by itself. Even if he has a lot of work on our part behind it, especially at the beginning, work that gradually becomes easier and in a synchronized flow with everything.

    So everything grows in the flow and from consciousness.

    The man of the woods 21x30cm

    The man of the woods

    The painting represents two superimposed  green monochromatic faces, one inside the other. One main large face and another face inserted at the top. I created this painting to represent how each person is made up of multiple aspects, some more evident than others, but all still present and integrated with each other. The faces are transfigured, and green in connection with nature, and like nature they are fluid and in constant change.

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