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Faces in graphite series

Faces in graphite series 25x33cm

I recently completed the Faces in graphite series. As often happens, I use faces that inspire me and that I have seen around, in magazines, on social media, that I have photographed myself, from memory or even from nothing.

Each face is a world unto itself, looking at a face you can perceive its soul, or just a feeling or a temporary emotion.

There are various theories on the difference between the right and left side of the brain, in the same way the left and right side of the face are often different, in a more or less evident way, what I know for sure is that they are part of  the same face.

From a face you can perceive its essential or even character characteristics, which are often only temporary, in fact the characteristics of a face change when a person is tense or relaxed.

When the eyes are small and maybe even the sight goes down, it is only a way for the body to express that that person needs to look inside.

The face is only a temporary expression of the soul, that is, of the consciousness that resides beyond the physicality of the being and is immortal.

Drawing a face is like seeing myself in the mirror, in part I perceive the momentary characteristics of the subject I am portraying, in part I express an aspect that is reflected in that face.  This allows me to accept every part of me, every single aspect.  I am not a fan of positive thinking, I am for compassion or the acceptance that consciousness goes beyond any kind of duality.

There is no good and evil, good and bad, these are just judgments.  Everything is what it is, every moment has its because, every face has its own expression that is never definitive.

I am not single but multiple, as multiple is the universe that reflects me.

If a spontaneous portrait is analyzed rationally, it can sometimes seem a caricature, or incorrect in details.  But I prefer synthesis to analysis, that is what the portrait conveys.

A face can convey curiosity, happiness, awe and compassion, but it can also be unsettling.  What a face conveys can also change according to the viewer, that is, the person who reflects in it.

In the same way, every day or even every moment we can see reality with different eyes.

Visual art is a wonderful way to express what cannot be said in words, it is a synthesis, always a synthesis and not an analysis, for this reason the expression in any form, from the inside out, is always therapeutic.  


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