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Financial sovereignty


I began to get interested in cryptocurrencies, or digital money, when I heard from a dear friend (Adamus) that they are the currency of the future, so I began to inquire and read articles about it.

At first it all seemed very complicated, because the explanations are always on a technological level, I still haven’t understood exactly how they work technically, but at least I have an overall picture.

As usual, I prefer to focus on the whole image than on the details.

I began to see the differences between the various cryptocurrencies and I discovered that starting with the bitcoins that were the first, there are many other cryptocurrencies called altcoins, each with its own peculiarity and a distinct reference niche. For example, Tron is a cryptocurrency mainly dedicated to artists and content creators.

In general, most cryptocurrencies have in common what most distinguishes and gives merit to this new financial system, decentralization.

That is, with this new system, there is no longer the control of governments and banks over money, but each becomes its own bank, so everyone has total responsibility for their own finances and therefore has their own financial sovereignty. Transactions are also made directly and without intermediaries, from wallet to wallet, which is your digital wallet.

Once I was convinced and created my first wallet, I immediately had the distinct feeling that traditional money is in the stone age compared to cryptocurrencies.

I chose Exodus because it seems simple, reliable and safe, it downloads to the computer and therefore does not stay online and I was very pleased to find this concept in its guide for those who are starting out:

“Exodus gives you the power to control your digital wealth, that’s why we don’t store any of your personal information or your wallet files on our servers. That’s right, we can’t even see your balances unless you share this information with us. Our goal is to educate and empower people so they can be their banks. You control all of your private keys and no one will ever be able to lock, seize or access your funds. This is financial sovereignty “.

In short, now I understand more and more why cryptocurrencies are the currency of the future, but let’s say the present, given that more and more companies and people around the world allow the purchase of their goods and services through cryptocurrencies.

Precisely for this reason, I too have decided to give those interested in buying my paintings the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrencies, the future is now.


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