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How is my creative flow going

Abstract face 25 x 33 cm

With this post I want to share my creative flow in these days, how it is progressing.  Going for points.

 1. First in painting I am going on with the abstract faces that I had left pending, to bring them to an end.  I am not clearly looking for the perfection of the face, but a balance that satisfies me.  I go on making several faces at the same time, day after day, and every time I feel there is nothing more to remove or add for a face, it is finished.  All these faces, measuring approximately 25 x 33 cm, will then form compositions for a large exhibition that my partner Paolo Amoretti and I are preparing for 2022, each in its own way, but with a single theme and path of the exhibition, for both the largest exhibition we have ever done, therefore a great project at stake.

 2. In the meantime, I am also moving forward on a new path that I have undertaken a few months ago, new to me, namely digital art and NFTs.  This new path was born spontaneously when a few months ago I wanted to buy a tablet, the first tablet of my life, I have always used only computer and mobile phone, and to be safe and be able to connect it to the iPhone I chose to spend a little more and take an iPad.  The digital pen also arrived with the iPad so being my first iPad and first pen I started experimenting. Then I bought a graphics app and there the real fun began.  I discovered that I could also create, draw and paint on a virtual level.  Then, having already entered the world of cryptocurrencies for a year, in which you never stop learning, I also discovered NFTs and started transforming some of my digital “works” into NFTs, putting them in a market in which I am just at the beginning.

 3. In the meantime, I also dedicate myself to my home and garden.  I like to create beauty in the place where I live, and the energy in beauty is always positive and lovely, and I dive into it and navigate it.

 4. I also started playing again after many years.  I recently took a trip to Hawaii, a real adventure in the midst of a global pandemic, so intense that I wrote various articles about it.  In the house I had rented, I found a guitar in one of the cabinets.  So I started playing it and in inspiration I got a song.  I liked the song so much that I decided to continue in this compositional vein and way to express myself. So back in Italy I went to Genoa with my partner Paolo who is of Genoese origin, and I bought a guitar right in the historic shop of Genoese songwriters.  The thing was not sought but we just went with the flow.  Genoa was the home of the most important and inspired Italian songwriters.  Not that I aspire to achieve that level of skill or success, but I am delighted that my guitar comes from there.

 5. And last but not least, every now and then I write when I’m inspired, like now, I have so many experiences and stories to tell.


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