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Inner joy

    I think a lot of human problems stem from a lack of self love, on all levels. Attachment to others for attention, love and recognition leads to pain and suffering caused mainly by fear of loss.

    But I think it’s important to cultivate a little individualism, or a healthy selfishness, in order to feel good about myself. Only then I can interact with others in a balanced and healthy way, without losing sight of my individuality.

    Self-love leads to an inner joy that does not depend on external factors or the approval of others. When this is the case, then I can be truly generous with others, even when this implies setting boundaries, giving is never one-way.

    Inner joy

    For this portrait I used a mixed technique of acrylic paint, ink and pastels, to give it a realistic and vibrant look at the same time. The colors chosen for this portrait, ochre, orange and yellow, are warm and welcoming, and give the work a pleasant and sunny atmosphere. The black ink accents create a lively contrast and help outline the depicted figure. The brushstrokes and instinctive signs serve to give the work freshness, spontaneity and immediacy. The depicted figure has a happy expression, which goes perfectly with the choice of colors. This portrait is less abstract than usual, but does not lose its individuality. Available on Saatchi Art

    Warm portrait 25x35cm

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