Insights Beyond Logic: Moments of Clarity

Recently, I’ve been working on some updates to my website, a process that has me navigating various software, CDNs, and other technologies. The complexity increases proportionally with the use of these tools, especially considering that my site is bilingual, therefore also requiring software for translation, for managing my online shop, and more.

It is not uncommon to encounter technical problems that, at first glance, seem insurmountable, transforming the management of the site into a sort of mission impossible. However, the solution often comes at the most unexpected moments. I happen to take a break, make myself a coffee or tea, smoke a cigarette, and precisely in those moments of detachment and relaxation, the solution reveals itself. A recent example was the intuition to change a configuration option on one software that solved a problem in another.

This approach reminds me of the story of a naval engineer I met in Brazil. When he faced with a problem that seemed impossible to solve, instead of going crazy looking for a solution, he always took a break for a coffee. And the solution came to him spontaneously, without thinking about.

I always loved listening to and learning from the wisdom of the people I have met in my life. Every experience, every anecdote, contributes to forming my personal wisdom, which is the sum of all these experiences. Precisely to represent this concept, I created this image with the help of artificial intelligence which symbolizes wisdom as the union of all my experiences.

Speaking of wisdom, for me it is something that transcends pure rationality. It is that part that knows everything because it is beyond the mind and which can only be accessed through intuition, that awareness that goes beyond the logical and rational. I find that art, but also physical activity and anything that makes me feel good, are wonderful tools for tapping into my personal wisdom.

Wisdom goes beyond the duality of opposites: good and evil, positive and negative, beautiful and ugly, etc. When you mentally focus on one aspect, you attract its opposite. Wisdom, however, integrates and transcends these contrasts.

I am not for those new age principles based on positive thinking or similar concepts. I believe that by repressing negative thoughts or one’s own darkness, these aspects intensify. Only by accepting all sides of ourselves, both positive and negative, can we integrate and transform them in a constructive way. This process of acceptance and transformation can also be defined as compassion: the acceptance of all that is.

I do it in art. In my artistic expression, I let everything flow without judgement. For me, Art must convey something, a message, an emotion, a feeling that the viewer can identify with in a deeply personal way.

The testimony of Dan Moore, a Canadian collector who recently purchased two of my paintings, “From the Nothing” and “Mysterious”, fully reflects my feeling:  

“I have 2 paintings by Ilaria, From the Nothing and Mysterious. From the Nothing is light and calming with great warm colors. Sometimes it’s the face of a woman and sometimes a young man to me. It has simplistic lines defining the face and colors defining the shape of the face. It has a sense of kindness and knowledge.  Mysterious is dark and chaotic, I see anxiety and sadness. It also can look female or male. They make a good pair together one compliments the other. They show a lot of emotion and are thought provoking.” Dan Moore

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