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Sensual Eating: Arte and Cuisine

Arte and Cuisine

Siamo una coppia di artisti pittori, Ilaria Berenice e Paolo Amoretti. Francesco, in arte Paolo Amoretti, è anche un cuoco professionista, avendo frequentato sia la scuola alberghiera /culinaria che l’accademia di belle arti. Così come cerchiamo l’equilibrio dei colori su un quadro, allo stesso modo cerchiamo anche l’equilibrio dei sapori in un piatto. Paolo è specializzato in cucina ligure e piemontese, pasticceria italiana, cucina di carne e pesce. Amiamo il buon vino. Insieme abbiamo trasformato il nostro spazio in un ristorante in casa e galleria d’arte. Quello che noi offriamo è un’esperienza sensoriale che avviene attraverso il gusto del cibo, l’estetica del piatto, la visuale dei nostri dipinti che fanno da scenografia e la musica che è sempre presente quando siamo in fase creativa. La combinazione di questi elementi porta ad avere un’esperienza diversa e anche unica. Teniamo anche corsi di pittura e di cucina.

Il nostro ristorante in casa / galleria d’arte si trova a Serravalle Scrivia (AL) Italy. Prenota la tua cena adesso:

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  • “Paolo and Ilaria are very nice and you feel at home as soon as you arrive and meet them. Paolo is an artist in cooking other than in painting. Same is Ilaria. My advice for everyone is to try paolo’s cuisine because it is much better than any restaurant outside.” Louis and Rita, Libano-Francia
  • “The dinner they made for us was more than expected, we felt like in a 5 star restaurant. I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel special in their trip.” Sanda and Cristina, Romania
  • “Cooking for me at home vegetarian, gluten and dairy free meals being hard to find in France generally (where I had travelled from) and Italy not that common either, I was enormously grateful. After a long drive providing wine and great conversation was just what i needed at the time. A cheerful and sweet evening spent. The space was made to connect even with their other guests over dinner. certainly very well priced for the effort made to make your experience delightful.” Bec, Australia
  • “If you would like to try the best dishes of the local region, you should ask Paolo to cook dinner for you, because he is the chef! We absolutely recommend him, it was great! Ilaria and Paolo are a very nice, helpful and friendly couple!” Irisha, Russia
  • “Советую ! Все очень здорово ! Гостеприимные , внимательные ! Приедем ещё ! Все очень понравилось ! Ещё вернёмся” Valentin, Russia
  • “Paolo is not only a painter, but also a great restaurant cook. I suggest that he make a meal for you as long as 18 euros, you can eat 40 euro quality!” 思思, Cina
  • “Très bonne communication avec Ilaria un petit + pour les tableaux d’Ilaria et les meubles restaurés de Paolo. je recommande” Emmanuelle, Francia
  • “Personne très charmant et accueillant. Qui aime partagé et discuter. Cela fait plaisir de retrouver des personnes qui aime partagée une aventure comme celle ci. Le repas était 5 étoiles. J’espère vous revoir bientôt” Edouard et Cin, Francia
  • “We must recommend, to all visitors, to apply for a dinner of hosts. Panna cotta was marvelous!” Anne, Cecoslovacchia