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Life in Fortaleza

Life 76 x 100 cm

So I continue to tell my story through painting or tell the stages of my painting through my story, whatever. 

As I said in the previous article in that period of life in Brazil I enjoyed recycling all that I had available, fabrics, bark, cartons, shells, remains of crochet. I made a lot of pictures which I then gave to those who asked me and therefore they are all there in Brazil except for a couple that my father asked me when he came to visit for a couple of weeks and brought them to Milan, and another that I want to talk about now.

Once I was making a picture at a girlfriend’s house that I went to visit in the city of Salvador, every now and then I needed a bit of city and chaos after all the calm of the island and so when I wanted I took the ferry and I went there for a couple of days. So I was in Salvador doing a painting on a bark that I had found and a lady who had passed visit my friend asked me what the price was because she wanted to buy it. I felt excited and shocked without showing too much apart from looking at her with wide eyes, because I would never have thought of selling the pitcures, and so that idea began to make headway in me, that my expression in art could be, in addition to having fun, also a way of life.

In those years I could not sit still in one place, my spirit of adventure always pushed me to keep going. At some point from the island of Itaparica I moved to go north, to Fortaleza. In the meantime, I made stops where I sold my crochet works which were quite successful because wherever I went I received orders. Like in Recife where I stopped for 3 days and where I didn’t swim because in that area the waters are colder and there are many sharks. Instead, I took a swim in Natal, another stop, where I found a deserted beach because it was difficult to reach and I swam with the dolphins. 

I then arrived in Fortaleza where I stayed for about 6 months. I shared a large villa on the beach with various people I met there and had my own room which I had rented. One day I found a large wooden table in an abandoned courtyard, I recovered it, then I bought some colors and a couple of brushes and with what I had I started my new painting by following my instinct.

So talking about this painting you can see the photo above or below hanged on the wall, there is a collage part made of various crochet remains and fabrics cut with scissors. The dominant theme is nature. There is a central figure that almost looks like a spirit born of a fire, his heart is a rose around which there are various dancing people. On the face there are only three eyes which are three flowers. The hair is like branches of a tree, from which the invisible figure of a bird comes out, which becomes light and flies away to infinity. On the left are two birds of paradise that feed on flowers. On the right there is a butterfly and then a night area of ​​starry sky with a window behind which an eye observes. On the left side of the picture there is the sunrise and on the right the sunset. I woke up the morning before dawn to go to the roof of the house to watch the sunrise and paint it live and I did the same at sunset. This is the first painting in which I added painting in addition to collage, it is the last painting I did in Brazil and I brought it to Italy, and it is still here with me, since it has a great sentimental value. But I’ll sell it because there is no point in sticking to things.

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Life 76 x 100 cm.interior