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When I lived in Brazil I enjoyed recycling all that I had available, fabrics, bark, cartons, shells, remains of crochet. I made a lot of pictures which I then gave to those who asked me and therefore most are still in Brazil. 

In those years I could not sit still in one place, my spirit of adventure always pushed me to keep going. 

At some point from the island of Itaparica in Bahia I moved to go north, to Fortaleza. 

In the meantime, I made stops where I sold my crochet works which were quite successful because wherever I went I received orders. Like in Recife where I stopped for 3 days and where I didn’t swim because in that area the waters are colder and there are many sharks. Instead, I took a swim in Natal, another stop, where I found a deserted beach because it was difficult to reach and I swam with the dolphins.

I then arrived in Fortaleza where I stayed for about 6 months. I shared a large villa on the beach with various people I met there and had my own room which I had rented. 

One day I found a wooden table abandoned in a courtyard, which I recovered, then I bought some colors and a couple of brushes and I started my first artwork adding painting other than collage.

So in this work there is a collage part made of various crochet remains and fabrics cut with scissors and the rest is made with oil painting. The dominant theme is nature. There is a central figure that almost looks like a spirit born of a fire, his heart is a rose around which there are various people dancing. On the face there are three eyes which are flowers. Hair is like the branches of a tree, from which a figure of a bird comes out, becomes light and flies away to infinity. On the left are two birds of paradise feeding on flowers. On the right there is a butterfly and a night area of starry sky with a window behind which an eye observes. On the left side there is the sunrise and on the right the sunset. 

I went early in the morning to the roof of the villa to  paint the sunrise and then the same at sunset. This is the last painting I made in Brazil before going back to Italy, and I brought it  with me.

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