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Light and Color

Light from inside 50x70cm

My Story through painting.

The paintings of the Light and Color series are a natural continuation of the Collage and Painting series. They are abstract paintings but with only painting and without collage, they are centered on light and its emanation, metaphorically represented by the sun and its rays, something that always came to me instinctively. All colors are light, if one thinks of light only comes to mind the white color, in reality each color is light but with a different vibration.

In expanding one’s consciousness, beyond the limitations of the visible daily reality, there are side effects, such as the blurring of the basic concepts that hold the reality we live, such as space and time.

I never wanted to have a watch, because it made me feel a slave to time, if not for short periods, for reasons of status symbol, that means sometimes it’s cool to have a watch.

For a long time I can’t follow time anymore, I hardly remember today’s date, let alone the exact date of the paintings, and every time I am asked, I have to do some math to understand what age I am. Alzheimer? Or perhaps simply realization. What is the realization? I honestly can’t say. For me it is freedom from any kind of limitation and therefore beyond this limited reality, in which one can continue to live as a human being, but also beyond.

Regarding time, the past becomes present in the memory, the memory turns into healing, and the future changes on the perspective of the past, so in practice time does not exist, but it is what holds the limited reality. So how is it that reality is created? But above all how is it, that everyone has a different perception of reality?

In these series of articles that I am writing about my history through painting, I made a great effort to focus on the timeline and to revise the dates . In any case it is not my interest to write the exact dates but to share my experiences.

Thinking about my travel to India, I made calculations of temporal logic and the sequence was this: as soon as I returned to Milan from Brazil I went to Lake Como and immediately afterwards to India. that’s it.

But what is more important, the temporal logic or the expansion of consciousness? The second you said. If it were not so, I would never have created the paintings of the Light and Color series which for me represent consciousness, the emanation of one’s own light through the truest and most authentic expression of one’s self.

Taking up my story that had stopped in Kashmir, my guide and driver, Mohammed, took me to his village on the mountain to meet his family, his wife and countless children, in reality I didn’t understand how many children he had. I was sick that day and I fainted as soon as we arrived in the village. When I woke up, I was in a mud and straw hut and there were a lot of people watching me curiously, at least a dozen children, and various adults and various elderly who were staring curiously at me with big eyes, the children were smiling at me from ear to ear , their eyes full of wonder, they had never seen a foreigner and no one knew English. So I conversed with them through looks and smiles.

The whole village was made up of similar huts, and the bathrooms were far from the huts, near the fields and were made of holes in the ground surrounded by bamboo canes tied for privacy, with veils covering them, what went down into the latrine went in a canal that went to fertilize the fields.

Everything was very simple and ecological, no electricity, no telephones, no nothing, yet comfortable in its simplicity. Mohammed was esteemed in the village because he was educated and because he spoke English.

It seemed to me almost like a village of Indios where I once went to Brazil,. To get to the village of Indios I walked for 10 km on the beach, they had similar huts but they lived by fishing, while in India they lived by agriculture, in both villages they didn’t sold what they caught or cultivated but used for themselves.

This makes me remember the first years that I left the family to study anthropology at the University of Siena in Tuscany, I spent almost 3 years on books because it was a subject that fascinated me a lot, I didn’t have a social life, and I had an average with the maximum of votes. Then at a certain point I realized that I wanted to live life and not study it from books, and so when they gave me a scholarship to go to Spain for 8 months I took the ball, and that was how the great adventure started. Even if I already had lot of adventures before. But this is another story, although there is still a lot to tell about India, but is the timeline so important? I rather prefer spontaneity.

You can see the Light and Color series here here.

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