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Red Lion -Sold

I started to paint lions along the years a bit by instinct and a bit elective affinity. Lions and Suns are often present in my painting. I love animals in general and wild animals represent my purest and most unspoiled part.

It is difficult to analyze or rationalize on an internal process that externalizes itself in a way that goes beyond human understanding. Painting goes beyond logic. It is something that combines limited visible reality with the infinite that exists in us, and is based more on knowingness than knowledge.

I have always felt that there is much more to this visible reality, and I have always looked for the beyond, in every way.

As a child as I was always sleepless, my father told me to breathe, and breathing I had a strong feeling of the I Am.

In Brazil when I walked on the beach, I saw the horizon so vast and I felt that the planet was changing. Then I read books that deeply affected me, such as “The prophecy of Celestine” and an Osho book, which I liked so much that I was instilled in myself with the idea of ​​going to India. When I went to India a few years later, however, it was thanks to another book: Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi”, I was so moved, that after a week I went to a travel agency, and after two weeks I was in India. But that’s a whole other story.

However, this search for the beyond had brought me, once back to Milan, to attend any mystical group that happened in front of me, all the new age stuff attracted me like a bear to honey.

I attended a group that experimented with the merkaba of Metatron , on the multidimensional journey through the construction of a pyramid that became a kind of spaceship and bullshit like that, I do not remember any profound experience made with that group, but a beautiful resort in the mountains where the meeting was held, that yes.

I used to go to an esoteric bookstore where everyone who wrote mystical or new age books gave a lecture, and I heard a lot of bullshit there, but I liked to go to feel the energy of the books of the library.

I attended a Buddhist group for a period, at the beginning I liked it because after reciting a mantra with all those people for an hour, returning home expanded my perception of things. But then I got bored, first because at the meetings I could not share an experience that immediately some of the veterans had to explain and teach me how things went according to Buddhism. And then because they thought I should study Buddhism.

The only group I stayed with for a few years without getting bored was that of the lady who channeled Berenice for me. After a few months she told me about her groups which I gladly attended and slowly gave up everything else. With this lady nothing was left to chance and there was nothing cerebral about it, indeed everything she did and made us do was to go beyond the mind. There was a lot of joy, sense of humor, tears and laughter. I have had wonderful experiences, that confirmed all of which I only had the feeling before, first that there is much more than this reality. My consciousness had expanded and in the morning I woke up hearing the music of the spheres.

She used to say that some of us would realized in this life, then she said that my path was not that but another. The only thing I didn’t find myself fully in, was that she had infinite devotion to God, and when I told her about what was going on in my mind she told me to pray and put a white cap on my head when I was sleeping, which I did, omg.

When I left I spent days and days crying, because I was so attached to what I was living there and those beautiful experiences, but I had probably become too dependent on it.

Then around 2003 I read messages on a site of channels all over the world, which all seemed very complicated, but there was one in particular that as soon as I read it it was love at first reading, it was a message from Tobias. The simplicity, the depth, the unconditional love that I read between the lines made me feel immediately at home. I signed up for a newsletter from a group on yahoo where once a month they published one of these messages translated into Italian. Speaking to people on the forum of that site, I discovered that these messages came from a community in Colorado. At first I thought it was a hippy community that all lived together in the mountains like Findhorn-style in Scotland. And I immediately thought: I drop everything and go there.

Then over time I discovered the Crimson Circle site and t was a rise of passion. I still follow the Crimson Circle and the messages channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe, messages that now come from Adamus, the contemporary version of Count Saint Germain. It is not a religion or a a cult but only a source of inspiration, there are no rules, no disciplines, no hierarchy, no obligation. The messages cannot be described or explained because what is transmitted goes beyond words. Synthesizing the messages of Adamus deal a lot with the relationship between energy and consciousness, and they do not incentivize people to follow the organization at all but more than anything else encourage everyone to be his own master, and to realize in this way, thus finding his own freedom .

Ah, but I was talking about lions and I got lost, or found myself because after all the lion represents sovereignty.


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