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Milan Expo 2015 International Contemporary Art

Milano Expo 2015 international Contemporary Art

From May 2 to July 30, 2015 took place the collective exhibition Milan Expo 2015 International Contemporary Art at the headquarters of Enel in Trezzo d’Adda, Milan, partner of Expo 2015. Curators Giorgio Grasso and Bosmat Niron.
I want to thank the people who supported me in this exhibition: Debora Gasperoni, Sabrina Gasperoni, Corrado Tamagnini, Anna Foglietta, Enzo Gasperoni, Betty and Gabriella Crespi, Iole Colombini, Leonardo Giusto.

Soon will come the exhibition catalog.  Following the article about the exhibition out on

Architecture and art of past and present

written by Wanda Castelnuovo

Following the many and varied initiatives undertaken in the name of Expo one would be lost. The case has led to the rumored beauty and originality of the Hydroelectric Taccani – located in Trezzo d’Adda, a delightful village near Milan – and the fact that it has been chosen as the location for the first edition of “Milano Expo International Contemporary Art” (Program sponsored by Expo in two tranches of three months each from 2 May to 31 October 2015) they made discover the seductive charm of this corner of the Park of the Adda River, which flows capricious protagonist alternating impetus and calm through sluices have tamed the trend tumultuous to irrigate the plains and provide energy to mills, paper mills, oil mills and power plants as the majestic Taccani together also giving shelter to many species of animals including ducks, swans and other that feeling sure hatch without fear in their nests close to the shore.
It is performed with a dip in the phantasmagorical imagination fervor of the first ‘900 when the plant is built in an eclectic style and designed by Alessandro Moretti for the entrepreneur Cristoforo Benigno Crespi in order to fuel its manufacturing cotton and the famous village of Crespi d’Adda he founded.
Consists of a main building flanked by two wings of different length and covered with Adda strain (typical local stone), the structure from the battlements that recall those of the Visconti Castle (built on the ruins of a manor Lombard attributed by tradition to Theodolinda) and liberty wrought-iron street lamps is harmoniously inserted in the environment without altering the charm of the place and the remains of the Castle, the mysterious guardian of ancient glories.
In this unique environment (now owned by Enel) – a fine example of industrial architecture still functioning as evidenced by the impressive and provocative noise of towering turbines and always visited in the company of an expert – has hosted an art exhibition with artists who if less and stacked (something for the two tranches of 400 authors with 1,300 works) – could tell the public more fully in their messages in this original location.
Sorry that good ideas are dwarfed by the desire of the quantity and fast that they end up debasing the quality creating problems as in the opening day of the absence for some indication of the name of artists and works, and the lack of even a handicraft list participants, facts that have created difficulties in the visitors and disorientation in deepening the selection criteria, the origin and the characteristics of the individual artists.
Among the multitude of works on show is the eclectic personality of Ilaria Berenice, stage name of Ilaria Gasperoni, versatile and determined artist, born in Rome, and now living in Milan, that having lived in various parts of the world has matured thanks to various experiences a self-awareness that made her discover an artistic vein remained for years in a nutshell.
Completely devoted to her passion, she spends her days away from the stimuli of media such as television, looking for and creating relations with others with the means of art, always with the aim to better clarify to herself and to her stakeholders.
Leitmotif of her work a continuous search to understand, analyze and deepen even by virtue of a fundamental anthropological preparation that enables her to sketch faces that reveal personality sometimes painful, contorted and painful, sometimes joyful.
Textural paintings, collages, oil paintings and installations are the fields in which moves the artist always ready to accept new things and experience them highlighting the human charge intensely expressed as the melancholy acceptance of one’s fate in the Tibetan refugee whose eyes reflect the golden background.
Equally challenging the works by Fiorenza Orseoli born in Treviso and moved to Pavia, where she has done a bureaucratic job always cultivating her love for drawing and painting as evidenced by the funny, imaginative and playful cats loyal companions of female figures also characterized by bright coloring: a disenchanted reading and dreaming in which women and feline complement and supplement each other.
Fascinating and mysterious the works by Dea Valdinocci who lives and works in Cesena and who cultivated her talent from childhood to deepen her pictorial qualities: particularly striking shadows, signs of presence of the past or assertiveness of shadows eager to independent living?


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