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My first NFT

Berenice Inspiration

Yes, I have created my first NFT now.  Quite happy with that.  Since I created my first digital face for fun, from the nothing with a graphics app, here presented in low resolution, I also experimented with transforming it into an NFT now listed on Opensea.

 So my experimentation with art is going further and becoming digital now as well.  Obviously I don’t stop painting with colors on physical canvases.  But creating with digital graphics is a new tool for me, a new experience.

 And what is an NFT?  NFT means non-fungible token, that is it is like a cryptocurrency but for unique products such as art.  So my own work has become a unique NFT that can be sold, bought and resold, or in other words traded like a cryptocurrency.

Take a look at my page on Opensea, there you can find the work listed and you can also make an offer.  Then you can put it back on sale at a higher price.


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