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Natural Protection

Nature Gifts 40x50cm

I always felt like I was protected. I never knew how to describe or define what it was, since it was always just a feeling. Now I am aware that it is my own energy that creates a kind of natural protection, like for everyone else.

There is an infinity of episodes and anecdotes that gave me this feeling, not least the fact that I managed to get from Italy to Hawaii in the middle of the pandemic, with all airports and flights blocked, without any certainty to be able to reach my destination. Apparently it seemed an impossible and very complicated mission, but in the end each step was easily overcome.

First of all the visas for the United States and Thailand, which according to the consulates they would never have given me at that time, but which I received both on the same day, 3 days before the first flight. I spent two weeks in Thailand, 10 days of which in quarantine in a hotel in order to enter the United States, because direct flights from Italy were only allowed for emergencies. To then go to Tokyo without the certainty that there they would give me the pass to the United States and so many episodes in this journey of which I wrote a couple of articles, trying to summarize the incredible adventure I had.

Recalling other episodes that reinforced this feeling of being protected, once I was in the mountains near Forlì, in a house of a group of people, from there I wanted to go to another house where my friends were and that was on another mountain several km from there. They made me a drawing of a map made up of paths in the middle of the woods and marked trees. The thing seemed very difficult also because the paths were very small and had many deviations and the signs were difficult to find. But a wolf dog that I had never met for some inexplicable reason decided to accompany me and through that dog I was always able to find the right path between woods and mountains and in a few hours I arrived at my destination.

Another episode that comes to mind is when once in Brazil I went for a walk in the forest as usual, which for the locals was an oddity, since they always go in groups of at least three people and equipped with machetes for fear of snakes and more. I liked to go alone because I felt good immersed in nature and I was not afraid. Usually I always found mangoes, but that day I realized that I hadn’t eaten since the night before, I was hungry and there wasn’t even a mango, because the season was over. So after a few hours of walking I relaxed lying on a large horizontal trunk, after a few minutes of relaxation two large ripe and juicy mangoes fell right next to me, lunch was served. In Brazil there are many episodes that challenge the rational and it would take several articles to tell them.

In any case, natural protection can be clouded by fear and rationality, but when you are not afraid of risk and live on instinct and inspiration, everything is possible.

This painting made with oil colors and sand, 40 x 50 cm is available in the shop.


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