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Natural warmth

Realization, that is, realizing I am already realized.  Check ☑️
In other words, I speak of consciousness, which is eternal and infinite.

While my human part is still entangled in the space-time dimension, with its related issues .

The fact is that these issues no longer bother me.

Abundance?  In the end, I always have everything I need at the right time, no matter how it comes to me.

It is the expectations that create worries, therefore the projection into the future of the manifestation of one’s desires, when in the present moment everything is in order.

It’s all about going with the flow.  Flow that in this period focuses on creating, furnishing and decorating my and our new living place.  Today we tested the Norwegian wood stove.  I’m certainly not a traditionalist, but how much more pleasant is the heating of the wood stove than the artificial one.  Every time I get on a train or go into a shop I feel the warming up so aggressive that I then have to drink some orange juice because I feel sick in my body.

However, living in the hills near the woods, the wood stove is much convenient, it heats the whole house well, it’s pleasant and how beautiful it is! 
I live for the beauty, the natural warmth of the hearth that makes me feel at home, my new home.


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