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New Website, New Me

    I decided to totally renew my website, as the previous one was quite dated, and had accumulated a huge amount of redundant code and images over the years. I wanted to give it a new beginning with fresh clean code, new software, and the latest new and renewed artworks. Furthermore, I wanted to give the site a new graphic structure, cleaner and faster.

    Along with these changes, the stories I have told in my numerous old posts are also destined to change, as I too change along the way , and so my artworks as a reflection of myself. My artworks are a way to accept and integrate every part of me, the good, the bad and the ugly, but at the end there is no definition, everything is what it is, without judgment.

    The first time I heard this phrase: the only thing permanent is mutation, I was living in Brazil, and it stuck with me, because it is so true.

    I would add now that it is so true at the human level, but there is one thing which is changeless and permanent, it is my soul, which I am at the deepest level, and which is not subject to birth and death, but is infinite in the integration of all its aspects.

    And once the human part is united with this deepest part, which you can call soul or whatever, then I come to wholeness, the realization of my true self.

    And it’s not just empty words, or spiritual bullshit, because intuition is already that bridge that unites the human to his soul, and that’s what inspires me every day. All I need is to listen, not someone else, but myself.

    So every story has a perspective, and all stories change as I change the perspective.

    So new start, new beginning, new me.

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