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One face, thousand faces

One face, thousand faces

Since Dicember 2014 until january 2015 took place for one month the solo exhibition One face, thousand faces at CityArt in Milan. This is the article by journalist Wanda Catelnuovo published on before the exhibition.

By Pirandello memory the multifaceted work of Ilaria Berenice, an artist of equally varied life: born in Rome, lived in Milan, Siena, Italy, Spain and Brazil, where there has been converted to art with exhibitions and awards, has re-landed in Italy and precisely in Milan where, deepened its expertise, she devoted herself wholly to art showing so passionate about her choice to spend her days in her studio-home reflecting, working, producing – without being distracted by television who does not own and which would not make it possible to investigate directly the kaleidoscopic human nature – and following several insights ass she claims to be always looking to improve and for new inputs and of course exhibiting, not forgetting the passion for the guitar which is dedicated since long time.
Several are its fields of action: collages, textural paintings, oil paintings, installations and then drawings of faces that tell different humanities, delighted, suffered, anguished … in short, a rich sample of unknown friends that reveal an unforgotten preparation in anthropology.
Right the faces will be featured at CityArt Gallery (Via Dolomiti 11) in Milan, from December 9, 2014 to January 4, 2015 in the exhibition “One face, thousand faces” with a wide choice presented in a very festive for the approaching holiday season and the birthday of the artist who ‘chose’ the Boxing Day to be born.
At 6.30 pm on December 9, the opening will be as always a way to get to know the other and deal with him, other faces, flashes of humanity, in addition to those who for years has been taking everywhere as an expression of the human soul in all its aspects to know the others and through them even herself with the pleasure to investigate and discover the infinite worlds.
A programmatic philosophy to continue to explore and learn following the masters and teaching others to draw because “you learn by teaching” and about Saturday, November 22 at the Gallery CityArt starts ‘Portrait and intuitive painting’, a new series of meetings (monthly) with more, than the previous, use of color and of course the exploration of the face.

 Wanda Catelnuovo


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