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Abstract Faces

In abstract faces the similarity loses importance, the face is there but it is pure personal expression with almost no reference. I say almost because I often take inspiration from my face, or faces that I see around, live or from pictures. In this case the faces I see, only give me an idea, an inspiration from which I can indulge myself without being tied to the visual of the subject.

In the faces I express the empathy that is within me so I express the infinite aspects that are inside me through the other, the human universality that makes me a mirror.

“Why do I feel the need, yes the need to paint faces? Because I am … how can you say? … Almost hallucinated by faces, and this since always … As an unknown sign, as if there was something to see that you don’t see at first glance. Why? This face that you seek, that is behind each individual face, isn’it so general as to be abstract? The more we are ourselves, the more we become anyone … But we can’t become the other if it is not maximally ourselves, don’t you think?”
Ilaria Berenice Shamiah plays perfectly the ideal that Giacometti repeated in almost all of his interviews. Ilaria Berenice Shamiah and her pictorial graphic runs a deep understanding of all human ravines, those that are consumed in the dark passions in unsolved riddles. A going back in that time undated, where opposites coexist. As she says we are mirrors.

Paolo Amoretti

Golden face 25x33cm
Black and white face 25 x 33cm 2017 Ilaria Berenice
Half Face. Sold
Black and white face Sold
Volto spatola 2018
Archetipal face. Sold
Sguardo intenso 16x24cm_inchiostro
Fresh 2018
Transavatar 100x100cm
Compassion 20x30cm
Artwork speaking: Love the life you gave me 25x33cm
Face made live in performance. Sold
You don't see me but I see you 25x33cm
Egg face 25x33cm Ilaria Berenice 2015
Goodness in me greets goodness in you 25x33cm
Sensation. Sold
ink and green portrait face - Ilaria BereniceJPG
Singing 25x33cm
together 70x100cm
Voltoi n giallo 25 x 33 cm 2018
India 25x33cm
Random projects
The magic of the indefinite 25 x 33cm Ilaria Berenice
No identity
Mixed media portrait 25x33cm
Golden face 25x33cm
Abstract Faces