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Abstract Paintings

Here I gather abstract artworks from different series, different techniques and periods often overlap.

The Decollage and Painting series to me is a kind of alchemical process, in which occurs the creation and then destruction and again the reconstruction and so on, until I can find the perfect balance.

When I use liquid colors in the Stains series, among a move and the other there this waiting for drying, as I use lot of liquid, and there’s something magic in this wait, the water in fact has memory, it records the energies and reflects them in shapes. Stains for me are the wait of the unpredictable, the beauty of the unexpected. So in general there is this random factor which has a very important role in my art, that gives concurrently excitement and patience in the wait, getting rid of any expectation.

Ilaria Berenice is an Italian artist who uses color and loose forms to express herself on paper. Her works keep their wet, fluid feel even though the paint has long been dry. Every stroke looks intentional and spontaneous all at once, and the bright colors she uses brings every shape and form to life. She studied anthropology and ethnology at the University of Siena, but didn’t begin painting until traveling through Brazil, Italy and Spain in the early 2000s.
Now, her work has has been exhibited all over Italy and featured in multiple publications including the Spanish critic Eva Minguet Camara’s 2008 book ”Ilustraciòn de vanguardia” (“Art illustration”). This past summer Ilaria had a solo exhibition at one of the biggest castles in Europe, at Castel Brando, between Venice and the Dolomites.
 Lindsey Davis

New ways 46x55cm
Transfiguration 117x167 made together 4 hands with Paolo Amoretti
Minimal mess black 50x65cm
Pinocchio 50x70cm
Macchia rossa 35x50cm Paolo Amoretti e Ilaria Berenice
Minimal mess red black 50x65cm
Brazil 125x125cm made together 4 hands withPaolo Amoretti
Abrstract fun 50x65cm
Abstract in yellow 80x100cm Ilaria Berenice
Abstract sketching in red 40x50cm Ilaria Berenice
Popasso 85x125cm
Magic_100x150cm_Ilaria Berenice
Random projects
Donna Baiana 70 x 80 cm Ilaria Berenice
Women material portraits
Transfiguration 117x167 made together 4 hands with Paolo Amoretti
No identity
New ways 46x55cm
Abstract Paintings