Italian Artist Painter. Paintings and Portraits for sale and on commission. Shipping worldwide.


I love to explore expression that is human or animal, playing among abstract and figurative, mixing color and techniques, among instinct and experimentation, letting my inner self to express in any way as possible.

Feel free to write me for any information, inquiry, quote or commission:

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Red Lion -Sold
Lioness 100x100cm
Wild budgie - Sold
Owl. Sold
Blue elephant - Not available
Elephant. Sold
Lampo 25x33cm
Turtle 40x50cm
Bull 40x50cm
big cat 20x20cm
Wise Lion - Sold
Sovereign Lion 80x100cm
Swan 20x20cm
Bull 40 x 50 cm
Elephant 50x70cm
Giraffes 60 x 80 cm
Wolfes 50x60cm
Turtle and Gibbon 100x100cm
Lion portrait 25x33cm
Birth of an Elephant 20x20cm
I'm arriving in fuchsia 70x70cm
Random projects
Donna Baiana 70 x 80 cm
Women materic portraits
Lioness 100x100cm
New ways 46x55cm
Abstract Paintings