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Collage and painting

My activity in visual art started with collage in Brasil, to which I then added painting. In the Collage and Painting series I use  over all fabrics, small objects and painting. You can read the whole story here.

The techniques Ilaria Berenice prefers are acrylic gouache and the use of collage with pieces of fabrics, cardboard, copper wires or rhinestones, which become an integral part of the work and acquire a new and very personal value. Her painting career began in Brazil, a country that has been a source of inspiration for the artist. In most of the works you can perceive a strong positive energy and radiance, as well as a taste for the exotic. Ilaria says she learned manual creativity first learning crocheting by the elderly inhabitants of the village where she lived and, then, creating shapes and colors in compositions on pieces of cardboard or wood. A style, she says, not dictated by cultural references, but by the mere need to create and the limited availability of material. Whether animated or inanimate bodies, the search for Ilaria is that, through the symbol, the meaning of existence.
Grazia Lentini (Tam Tam magazine)


Women 50x60xm
Sun from the window 40x50cm
Pozzo 60x80cm
Life 76 x 100 cm
Chamaleon 40x50cm
Collage variation 30x40cm
Human in space 32x54cm
Acquatica 110x50cm
Television in the desert 40x50 cm
Tai Chi - Sold
Life 76 x 100 cm. interior
MoonTie 135x165cm
From the sea of consciousness 100x120cm
Fish 40x40cm Not available
Vite parallele 86 x 65 cm Sold
Giove 50x50cm Sold
Espansione 70x83 cm Sold
Giraffes 60 x 80 cm
Camel at moon dawn on the steppe 24x30cm
Random projects
New ways 46x55cm
Abstract Paintings
Sun 30x36cm
Light and Color
Donna Baiana 70 x 80 cm
Women materic portraits