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Decollage and Painting

The Decollage and Painting series to me is a kind of alchemical process, in which occurs the creation and then destruction and again the reconstruction and so on, until I can find the perfect balance.

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Human and Angel 50x70cm
Dog in the sun 80x80cm
Temple 50x70cm
Syntesis 50x70cm
Swan 50x70cm
Standing 40x60cm
Solar plexus_ 40x60cm
New Earth 40x60cm
River 40x60cm
Home 40x50cm
Bird 40x60cm
The mountains 40x50cm
Random projects
Donna Baiana 70 x 80 cm
Women materic portraits
Golden face - Sold
Abstract Faces
Human and Angel 50x70cm
Decollage and Painting