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Ink faces and animals

I love ink because it gives me the opportunity to express in a way that is a cross between painting and drawing, therefore between brushstroke and sign. Without the distraction of colors. This way the work remains simple yet very expressive.

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Tree face 25 x 33cm
Deep look 16x24cm
Black and white face Sold
Front face turquoise and black woman 25x33cm
You don't see me but I see you 25x33cm
Ink face sketch 16x24cm
Singing 25x33cm
Paolo portrait - Not available
Tace turquoise and black man 25x33cm
animal 20x20cm
The magic is in the indefinite 25 x 33cm
Reverse 25x33 cm
Children 25x33cm
Miller Portrait 25x33cm
Lion portrait 25x33cm
Mysterious 30x40cm
Poseidon 16x24cm
Lampo 25x33cm
Owl. Sold
Elephant. Sold
Random projects
Human and Angel 50x70cm
Decollage and Painting
Himalaya 80x100cm Sold
Chamaleon 40x50cm
Collage and painting