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Light and Color

The Light and color series, where the attention is mainly on color and light, with purely pictorial instinctive technique with the use of brushes, often starting from geometric shapes, not by reason but by instinct, basic.

The paintings of the Light and Color series are a natural continuation of the Collage and Painting series. They are abstract paintings but with only painting and without collage, they are centered on light and its emanation, metaphorically represented by the sun and its rays, something that always came to me instinctively. All colors are light, if one thinks of light only comes to mind the white color, in reality each color is light but with a different vibration.

Many of these paintings were exhibited for 3 months in a solo exhibition at the Morris & Casini Foundation in Rome with publication in a catalog.

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Sun 30x36cm
Magic of the rainbow 100x150cm
Tunnel 50x70cm
Light from inside 50x70cm
Wind 100 x 120 cm
Infinity 35x50cm
Exhibition Brividi di Luce at Morris Casini Foundation in Rome
Square 30x36cm
Spiral 25x35cm
Passage 25x35cm
Light on the wheel 18x25cm
Inside 24x33cm
Flower diam. 40cm
Explosion of love 32x50cm
Explosion 33x50cm
Blue 18x25cm
Cosmic Ear 100x120cm
Expansion 25x35cm
Red 25x35cm
Green 25x35cm
The sun inside 50x50cm
Random projects
Red heart 80x100cm
Human and Angel 50x70cm
Decollage and Painting
Sold - Oil painting portrait
Paintings on demand