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In portraits, the importance is given mainly to the resemblance, although there remains a certain amount of instinct and personal expression, in the portraits I find the soul of the subject and I reflect in a certain way, without being attached to it. I look for the peculiar expression of that face that joins my artistic expression.

Here are samples of portraits I made on demand or just because. I like drawing and painting faces and portraits, I like to explore humanity and animals in all their expressions.

Fil rouge of her work is a continuous search for understanding, analyzing and deepening also by virtue of a fundamental anthropological preparation that makes it capable of covering faces that reveal personalities sometimes painful, contorted and suffered and sometimes joyful. A wealthy sample of strange friends who reveal an unforgettable anthropological preparation. Other faces, shouts of humanity, added to those who for years has been grasping everywhere as an expression of the human soul in all its aspects to know others and through them themselves with the pleasure of investigating and discovering infinite worlds .

Wanda Castelnuovo

Commission a portrait. I make portraits with any size and format. Send me some relevant photos of the subject to portray and then the portrait will be shipped to you as soon as finished.

Feel free to get in touch for any information:

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Orange face - Sold
Deborah 25 x 33 cm
portrait 25x33cm
Andy. - Sold
Face painted life n performance - Sold
Rita 25x33cm
Rita. Sold
Linda portrait - Not available
Geoffrey portrait - Not available
Portrait oil 40x40cm - Sold
Portrait 25x33cm
Couple Portrait 35x50cm - Sold
Every person is a master in one way or the other 25x33cm
Daniele 50x65cm  - Sold
rombo portrait 40x40cm - Sold
Surprise 25x33cm
Barbara 25 x 33 cm
Random projects
Half Face. Sold
Mixed media drawing portraits
Tree face 25 x 33cm
Ink Faces
Human and Angel 50x70cm
Decollage and Painting