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In this group of visionaries, I gathered some paintings that are part of a more realistic phase, therefore more focused on detail than on the abstract, but at the same time with an imaginary and almost surreal vision of reality. The horizons are almost always very wide, and the patience that doing these artworks has brought me, has meant the transmission of peace and tranquility. I put here also some portraits because of the affinity with the oil technique. Some are made also with oil and sand.


Portrait oil 40x40cm - Sold
Blue elephant - Not available
Himalaya 80x100cm Sold
rombo portrait 40x40cm - Sold
Turtle 40x50cm
olio e sabbia
Random projects
The magic of the indefinite 25 x 33cm Ilaria Berenice
No identity
Portrait oil 40x40cm - Sold
Volto arancione - Sold
Abstract Faces