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Simultaneously, sometimes subsequently or previously, in reality in my pictorial evolution there has never been a succession or linear evolution of techniques and styles, but rather a spiral integration of new inspirations with a return of previous phases, which gradually they acquired and are acquiring more and more security and confidence in my instinct and in my ability to express myself in this area. One has never arrived, evolution is always continuous even if not linear, in the end art is the master of life, because the deepening of one’s expression leads to greater knowledge of oneself and of one’s deepest part, which is infinite and immortal. So I said, with the acquisition of confidence in the use of oil paint and sometimes acrylic colors, I broadened the horizons that became wider and wider. I call this the surreal phase or  visionaries.

Himalaya 80x100cm Sold
Camel at moon dawn on the steppe 24x30cm
The master secret garden 50x70cm
Sold - oil painting
Sold - oil painting
Sold - mixed media
The master within 50x60cm
Islands 40x50cm
And the moon went by 100x150cm
Sufi 40x50cm
Sun Christ 30x40cm
Epifania 40x50cm
Among two doors 50x70cm
Simboli 75x75cm
Il gruppo 125x125cm
Yoga 30x40cm
Materializzazione 100x150cm
The Legend of Princess Gavia 125x125 cm
Random projects
The Legend of Princess Gavia 125x125 cm
Wise woman with red earrings 100x100cm
Portrait with charcoal
Faces in graphite or charcoal