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Women materic portraits

This is my first series of portraits I started around 2007, to celebrate the feminine in me and around the world. These are mostly material portraits, mainly made with oil painting, sand and collage. Some have been published several times.

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Donna Baiana 70 x 80 cm
Transavatar 100x100cm
Dogon woman 70x80cm
Fulani girl Mali 35x35cm
Quetchua Woman Peru 100x100cm
Fulani girl Mali interior
Catalogue Auction of Contemporary Art Exhibition Palace of Faenza curated by Gian Ruggero Manzoni
Manual Knowing that you have rights SDL interbranch,Rome 2010
Webforum rights of Women of Mali
Wise woman with red earrings 100x100cm
Woman with labial disc 40x40 cm
Tibetan Refugee 35x35cm
Sri Lanka woman blu 50x70cm
Pink and blue woman with swan 60x80cm
Donna sri lanka 35x50cm
Himba woman 80x120cm
Donna Africa 80x80cm
Happy Gypsy 100x100cm
Random projects
Golden face - Sold
Abstract Faces
Red heart 80x100cm
Human and Angel 50x70cm
Decollage and Painting