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Quarantine Reflection 1

Quarantine Reflection 1- digital art

This is one of the two digital works, that have become two NFTs, I made during the quarantine period in Thailand and represent the reflection.  My NFTs are not just digital works but are expressions of my reflections and experiences, in the visual and in the writing.

 The outer reality is a reflection of the inner reality, and quarantine is a time of great introspection to understand how reality is created and what you really want.  I think that the coranivurus has led humanity to a period of great introspection and therefore of change both for individuals and for humanity in general.

 Below is the story regarding the period in which I made these NFTs, divided into two parts, one for each NFT.

 In 2019 I went to Hawaii for the first time and I was left with the desire to return.  Exactly two years later, I returned to Hawaii in a totally different situation, in the midst of a global pandemic.

 Sometimes it seems that nothing changes, and instead everything changes, and also quickly.

 I had already tried to return to Hawaii in the spring of 2020, I had booked everything, home, flights, cars, 2 events with the Crimson Circle, but at the last moment the pandemic broke out and I had to cancel and postpone everything to 2021. And in May 2021 there was still the pandemic, but slowed down a bit compared to the drastic measures that existed at the beginning of 2020, in which you could not even leave the house except to go to the supermarket.

 However, travels to the United States in May 2021 were and still are blocked, and not wanting to have to give it up this time too, I did a lot of research looking for all possible solutions.  In fact, you could not, and still cannot, enter the United States if you have been in the previous two weeks in a country of what they call the Shengen area, which includes China and the countries of the European Union, Italy in the front row.

 In the period before leaving I did nothing but do research on flights and countries and places to go, with a big question mark if I would really be able to leave and above all to arrive, but I wanted to try anyway.  Somewhere inside of me I knew I could do it.

 At first I thought I’d go to Mexico or the Caribbean for a couple of weeks, and then from there I could enter the United States.

 Then I discovered that Italy allowed people to go abroad to only 5 countries outside Europe: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Korea and Thailand.  Of these five countries only Thailand allowed Italians to enter.

 Thailand made me a little intimidated, mostly for the language, it would have been much easier to go to Mexico, or the Caribbean, knowing Spanish.

 And so I waited hoping that things would change for the better and have more options of countries to go to, if not even be able to go directly to the United States, which didn’t happen, and I found myself organizing it in the week before leaving. .

 Searching on the internet, I found a nice bungalow in Thailand on a deserted beach on a small paradise island, feeling my wild aspect reborn in me, the passion for adventure.  Then I found out that of the 14 days in Thailand, I had to spend 10 in mandatory quarantine in a hotel approved by the Thai government.

 The journey seemed to be becoming more and more complicated, also for all the documents and tests I had to do before and along the way.  The first complication was visas for Thailand and the United States.

 Before starting to book and spend money I wanted to be sure that they would let me in these countries, and also in the countries where I would transit, but no one was able to give me these certainties, and then the difficulties of being able to talk to someone from both the Thai and US embassies.  When I finally succeeded, the Thai embassy told me that I had to do all the documents before applying for the visa, and that they didn’t know if I would receive the visa in time, also because that week the embassy was closed for a national holiday in Thailand, and without a visa they wouldn’t let me get on the plane.

 I nevertheless threw myself headlong into the unknown and began to make all the documents required by the Thai embassy:  international health insurance, air ticket, confirmation of quarantine package reservation in a Thai government approved hotel, reservation of specific COVID test within 3 days before departure and then I made the visa application by sending passport photos and all the documentation.

 In this period the airlines do not even let you board if you don‘t have the COVID test and along the way I did 6 tests, one of which in Italy, three in Thailand, of which two included in the quarantine package, or as they call it, the quarantine business, another before leaving Thailand, and two in the United States.

 When finally after days of trying I was able to talk to the United States embassy as well, they told me that it was almost impossible that they would give me permission, because with the pandemic visas were no longer issued by the embassy but by a particular organization in Washington. who released them after some time and only for particular reasons.  But even there I threw myself headlong into the unknown and applied for a visa anyway.

 Three days before my eventual departure my little miracle happened, I received two emails, one from the Thai embassy with an approved visa, on one of the days when the embassy was closed for a Thai national holiday, and the other from Washington with the approved visa with the written “Welcome to the United States”.  My  joy is indescribable.

 In Milan the airport was empty, check-in during the pandemic could no longer be done easily online as before but it had to be done at the airport, so when I arrived at the Eithad airways check-in for the plane to Abu Dhabi where I should make a stopover , there were 11 people queuing at one station, and at another station I alone with two people dedicated to checking my documents.  “Wow, I feel special with a dedicated workstation and two people just for me” I said, and they smilingly said to me ‘Because yours it is a special journey “.  Finally, after a while, they gave me the boarding pass and a document to be delivered to the airport police, who once managed to track down, gave me a new form to fill in and sign, having to choose the reason for the trip from 4 options: urgent reasons health, living abroad, visiting family members, urgent need.  Having no proof of any of these reasons, I looked at them a bit dumbfounded and in a cold sweat, and they told me “Put in urgent need” and so I did.

 In short, many complications, anxieties and no certainty, but the paradox is that everything went smoothly and easily.  Continued in Quarantine Reflection 2.


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