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Rebirthing in Thailand

Rebirthing in Thailand - digital art

After 10 days of quarantine in Thailand, I finally got to go to the beach, and took a picture of a beautiful palm tree. So I integrated the transformation of the photo I took with digital expression.

After 10 days of quarantine in a hotel, for heaven’s sake, a nice big room with a balcony overlooking the greenery full of squirrels and birds and various creatures. But I was always locked up, useful because I stopped smoking but I had to face the most disparate feelings.
On the first day out of the quarantine, I spent all day on the beach, I felt like I was reborn, bathing in the sea, bathing in the sun, and more in the sea, and more in the sun, good sensations, I waited and was rewarded.

As I’m traveling right now, I find digital art to be a wonderful way to continue being creative with just the use of the tablet and pen, without needing all the tools I need to create physical works, such as paper or canvases, liquid or solid colors, pastels, brushes or spatulas, etc.

The works I like I turn them int NFT, like this one, which can be bought, printed and traded like a cryptocurrency, actually NFT, non fungible token, is like a cryptocurrency but for unique items like art.


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