Art Resonances and Creative Echoes: My Customers’ Voices, Feedback and Impressions

I have 2 paintings by Ilaria, From the Nothing and Mysterious. From the Nothing is light and calming with great warm colors. Sometimes it’s the face of a woman and sometimes a young man to me. It has simplistic lines defining the face and colors defining the shape of the face. It has a sense of kindness and knowledge.  Mysterious is dark and chaotic, I see anxiety and sadness. It also can look female or male. They make a good pair together one compliments the other. They show a lot of emotion and are thought provoking.

Dan Moore, Canada

I was lucky enough to meet Ilaria, I love her works! I have a beautiful portrait and also a painting that represents a dream, to see it better I hung it from the ceiling above the bed. Marvelous

Valter Ferrarazzo, Piedmont Italy

Ilaria is truly a good artist, hard to find in today’s art market. I bought two paintings that are beautiful and alive. I highly recommend!

Eleonor Arsen, North Carolina, US

Arrived this morning and already hung. Very nice, as always you capture the soul of people.

Marina Brocca, Milan Italy

You bring me to life (not in a Frankenstein kind of way) but in the best way!

Martin Rowan, Warrington UK

Since I put it on the wall, every time I look at it it gives me great strength.

Jackie Paz, Piedmont Italy

Great work by you, I like it, Ilaria! Thanks again.

Rolf Wild, Zurich Switzerland

It’s really him!

Donatella Bramato, Tuscany, Italy

Really beautiful, I’m very happy and the more I look at it the more I like it. You’re very good, thank you.

Valerio Rosellini, Milan, Italy

My original portrait just arrived and it’s amazing! I thought the photo was amazing, but the original is just magical. A thousand thanks!

Jule Webster, Australia

I continue to look at my portraits again and again and every time I see them I like them more and more.

Piero Rossi, Milan Italy

I happened to be at home on Friday when your package arrived, I opened it eager to find my treasure. Thank you. What an artist you are!! With a few brush strokes you capture the main features of a face. The more I look at it, the more there seems to be a light emanating from it. I guess it’s the master you see in me. And the painting is ready to hang on the wall!! I immediately found the perfect place for him. It’s in my office, next to my computer. So I see it every day, I look at it to immerse myself in the depths of my mastery and even when I notice it absentmindedly, it is there all the time.

Judith, Zurich Switzerland

When I saw the image of this work by Ilaria Berenice for the first time it was like looking at myself in a mirror that reflected the chaos that I have carried inside for a lifetime. Inside I saw Francis Bacon, I saw Giger, a darker Alex Grey, and even a bit of Borges’ minotaur. I waited months before I could go and collect it and discover that in addition to this, two pencil portraits of William Burroughs that she had drawn in unsuspecting times would return home with me. It goes without saying here, but I’ll say it anyway, that beyond the works I finally had the opportunity to once again have a chat of those capable of teaching you something new. Perhaps the power of art lies precisely in this.

Lelle Toz, Piedmont Italy

Your work is good for the soul! In the midst of a sea of colorful emotions I chose a painting. I took away with me what was the perfect choice in that meeting, it’s like having you close with that sweet mystery that you always put into your works. Your works also convey a message of depth similar to the works of Modigliani. You are amazing! You are great and transmit energy.

Michael Logan, Milan Italy

I put your painting above the sofa in the living room and it looks great. It gives those who look at it a cosmic sense, those who look at it find themselves projected into a timeless spatial dimension that has a strong cosmogonic archetypal appeal. You manage to free yourself from the depicted symbol and transmute it into abstraction which becomes an objective correlative of the deepest natural call, intimately recognizable by everyone. Some of your abstract works recall super nova events or similar, you manage to convey the sensation of this creative power, without communicating the materialistic scientific descriptive side, but you manage to grasp its essence, keeping the symbol intact, albeit freed from the symbolic representation, and captured in a thrilling and emotional form.

Giulio Giovannini, Milan Italy
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