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Commissioned paintings

Realizzo dipinti e disegni su commissione con qualsiasi tecnica e qualsiasi formato.

Curses online

I give lessons online, to experience creativity together and learn at the same time.

Web design

I create personal, representative and small business websites.

Commissioned paintings

I create paintings and portraits on commission with different techniques. My portraits are carefully crafted using oil paint or mixed media to bring out the best in each subject. Each portrait is created with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that the final product is not only a work of art but also a true reflection of the person depicted.
If you are interested in commissioning a portrait please contact me for a quote . I will work with you to determine the ideal format, dimensions and technique to bring your vision to life.
Once the details are established, you can send me a photo of the subject you would like to portray. I will go to work creating the perfect portrait and send it to you as soon as it is completed.


I hold live drawing and painting workshops and also online via zoom or skype, to have fun developing creativity together and at the same time learning notions, tricks and techniques that can improve your expression. What I try is to bring out the creativity of the participants and encourage them to research and develop their own personal expression. Art helps to bring what is in the subconscious to the conscious, the unknown to the known, this process leads to the resolution of unconscious energy blocks that do not allow life to flow spontaneously and freely. The course therefore promotes and encourages a creative and spontaneous approach to self-representation, adopting the most suitable technique for one’s individual expression.

drawing and painting workshop

Web Design

I’m also a web designer specializing in the creation of personal, agency and small business websites. My main goal is to provide clients with a clear and simple website, with easily accessible content and no special effects that can confuse the eye and alienate visitors. I believe functionality should be the top priority for any website, not forgetting the importance of aesthetics.

To ensure maximum visibility on search engines, all the websites I create are SEO optimized and guarantee an excellent positioning on Google. Furthermore, to allow correct visualization on any device, the sites are designed with a responsive design and are easily navigable even from smartphones and tablets.

Finally, to protect the sites from possible cyber attacks, I use advanced security solutions, in order to guarantee customers maximum peace of mind and online security.

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