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Stories and Characters

Stories and Characters
Abstract face yellow ion 25x35cm with frame

I have always alternated the need to be with myself with the need to be with others, I like socializing and sharing through conversations, creativity, telling stories. When I lived for music this was even more evident, especially when I lived in Spain, between Granada, Menorca and the Canary Islands, before going to live in Brazil, I liked to play music with anyone.

In my travels I have met many different characters who have remained in my heart.

For a while I lived in a cave on a hill in Granada in Spain, with a view of the Sierra Nevada in front .

There had been a turning point in my life, I rejected the system and gave everything I had to my friends, I had inherited a beautiful cave set up by a Swiss man who had gone to live by the sea.The cave had a door with a lock, a fireplace and several rooms, I had also furnished it in my own way, it had a wood behind it and in front of a stream of clean water where I went to take a shower and to supply myself at source of spring water that came from the mountains.

I also had a neighbor in a cave 100 meters further on, with whom I went to get wood in the woods, and whose company I enjoyed so much because he told me stories and always dispensed pearls of wisdom. He was a Palestinian of about 75 years old, he had been a university professor of history in Jerusalem and knew 5 different Arabic languages. He was in exile and lived there in a cave a bit like a hermit. I often visited him and loved the immense calm he created in me observing him prepare tea with mint leaves on his chimney, and he always told me stories and I listened . A great character that I want to honor in memory.

Every person has stories to tell, which is why I recently started a podcast for Arte and Cuisine, the association I created together with my partner Paolo Amoretti to enhance the creatives and artists of my area. In this podcast I do interviews in which I encourage people to tell their own stories, so far I’ve only done two but I plan to do many more.

And you, what is your story?


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